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    Press release from 4/7/15 | CosmeticBusiness

    Inspiration through innovation: report on the new products at CosmeticBusiness 2015

    Natural and quasi-natural raw materials, individual freedom of design and unmistakeable brand presentations: some 400 suppliers will present their innovative solutions for future product concepts in the cosmetics industry at the up-coming CosmeticBusiness. Be it raw materials, formulae, manufacturing, packaging or presentation – visitors can expect to see all these new products at the international trade fair of the cosmetics supplying industry on 10 and 11 June 2015 in Halls 2 to 4 in the Munich MOC events centre.

    New products in raw materials and manufacturing
    Nature is increasingly providing the cosmetics industry and its suppliers with a sustainable source of inspiration. Natural and quasi-natural active ingredients and polymers are also key features of the overall picture presented by the new products to be displayed in Munich.


    Bergland Pharma: plant based facial oils for dry and combination skin

    Hall 2 / Stand C22

    How about using oils for facial care?

    This is a question that natural cosmetics manufacturer Bergland Pharma from the Ällgau region in Germany posed themselves and to which they responded with two facial oils specially for dry and combination skin, which will be introduced in Munich. Natural plant oils are similar in their composition to the natural oils in the skin, so that herbal oils do not seal the pores, but rather penetrate the skin well and are assimilated into the upper dermis. The facial oil for dry skin contains moringa oil. It helps strengthen the lipid film on the skin and thus supports the process of moisture retention. For combination skin, passion fruit oil is used to create the optimum treatment for dry, normal and greasy skin areas, thus harmonising the skin and providing it with valuable fatty acids.

    Photo: Bergland Pharma_Gesichtsöl Trockene Haut (Bergland Pharma – Facial oil for dry skin)


    CLR Chemical Laboratory Dr. Kurt Richter: skin renewal based on probiotics

    Hall 2 / Stand D22

    The active ingredient ProRenew Complex CLR™ from the CLR stable is based on probiotic engineering and targets the most important biological function of ageing skin – its ability to renew itself quickly and efficiently. The production of essential proteins and enzymes in the skin is significantly enhanced, its barrier function and cellular cohesion are improved and cell proliferation is accelerated. As a result, ProRenew Complex CLR™ impacts positively on both the speed and the quality of the skin renewal process. A tape-stripping test was, moreover, able to show that the restoration of the barrier function is also accelerated.

    Photo: CLR_ProRenewCom


    Follmann present their first fragrant micro-capsules for cosmetic products

    Hall 2 / Stand B13

    Fragrance, freshness and care are all key properties in cosmetics. With their “Folco Capsolute”, hi-tech specialists in microcapsule technology, Follmann, will present in Munich their first fragrant microcapsules specially for use with cosmetics. The encapsulation of fragrances and other active ingredients for deodorants, body lotions or shampoos and the possibility of their controlled release allows products to acquire longer-lasting freshness and prolonged care effects. The fragrances or care reagents are released in a controlled way through contact or movement. Follmann's patented technology guarantees that the microcapsules are stable and that the contents cannot leak out prematurely or in unintended ways. At the same time, the stability and wall-density of the capsules can be adapted to individual requirements.

    Photo: Follmann_Kosmetik Pressefoto (Follmann Cosmetics)


    NOVAPROT: emulsifying agents based on natural proteins and rhamnolipids

    Hall 4 / Stand B02

    At this year's CosmeticBusiness, manufacturers of ecological additives, NOVAPROT, will be presenting their PROGATOR, containing new kinds of emulsifiers based on natural proteins and rhamnolipids, which are particularly suitable for use in natural cosmetics. These emulsifiers for oil-in-water emulsions exhibit strong emulsifying properties and can be used in a wide variety of cosmetic emulsions. Because they use natural raw ingredients they are very kind to the skin.

    Photo: Novaport_Polymere (Novaport polymers)


    Sederma: Edelweiss facelifts with MAJESTEM™

    Hall 3 / Stand E07

    The beauty and elegance of facial contours are lost during the process of ageing as a result of sagging skin on the face and neck.

    Studies of the effectiveness of Sederma's newly launched active ingredient Majestem™ have shown visible tautening effects around the neck, cheeks and eyes. By repairing the mitochondrial dynamics and maintaining the extra-cellular matrix, the reagent helps to restore the tension in the skin. This effectively combats oxidative stress, such as can arise from environmental influences.

    Photo: Sederma_New_Majestem (Sederma's new Majestem)


    Technature: hydrogel face masks like a second skin

    Hall 3 / Stand A 12

    Face masks made with hydrogel, which mould to the contours of the face like a second skin, will be on display at the Technature stand. The French manufacturer's hydrogels are made from the natural polymer carrageenan, which is harvested from the cells of red algae, and sulfated D-galactose. When mixed with water, these basic ingredients create a film-like gel, which the additional active substances spread evenly over the skin tissue. Be it for face masks or eye-contour patches, hydrogel masks mould themselves to the contours of the face. They can be made in individualised shapes and enriched with a wide range of different formulae.

    Photo: Technature_Hydrogel Mask


    First-time appearances and newly created products for packaging

    The exhibitors in the packaging section will be providing plenty of creative solutions at this year's CosmeticBusiness – particularly in the fields of packaging materials and finishing technology. The focus of the new developments is on the scope for individualised design and unique presentations for individual brands.


    bomo trendline: out of a love of nature – Severa premium range with wood elements

    Hall 2 / Stand C21 / C25

    The Severa range from bomo trendline is already available in many different versions. The one with wood elements is new. Manufactured out of a love of nature, the Severa range is available in a variety of wood tones and in numerous combinations. The full-service supplier of cosmetics and packaging from the Black Forest has developed the range specially for premium skin-care products. Along with other new products, these can be found at the exhibition stand of the bomo trendline company.

    Photo: bomo trendline_ Severa_Holz (bomo trendline – Severa wood)


    Coster offers unlimited colour combinations with the 'Capri' two-part spray actuator

    Hall 4 / Stand A28

    With their new two-part spray actuator system, the Italian manufacturers of packaging components offer their customers unlimited freedom for combining colours. Finger pad, sleeve and overcap can all be manufactured separately in each desired colour. The spray actuator has a spray channel with a separate orifice integrated into the finger pad and is suitable for 1” male valve cups on aluminium aerosol cans. The universal shape of the Capri actuator lends the spray head a unisex quality, so that it can, therefore, be adapted for a great many different products.

    Photo: Coster_Capri


    DieterBakicEnterprises: COSIMA – elegant contrast for selective cosmetics

    Hall 4 / Stand C07

    Amongst a raft of other new products, suppliers of integrated packaging solutions, DieterBakicEnterprises, will be introducing their new 'Cosima' range. This new line stands tall and proud with a gentle curvature, which gives it a low centre of gravity and makes it look very stable. Its bold, elegant shape makes it into a timelessly beautiful representative of selective cosmetics. At the same time, the LAJA cap in gun metal creates a really new, striking look that comes from the contrast with the feminine shape of the design. As an additional highlight, the VIOLA pump can be laser-engraved, which thus also offers the possibility of an additional design element and embellishment.

    Photo: DieterBakic_LajaCap_pulver (DieterBakic LajaCap - Powder)


    Edelmann presents a folding box with integrated liner

    Hall 4 / Stand A10

    How to design a brand that cannot be confused with any other – that is the focus of Edelmann's presentation at CosmeticBusiness 2015. Edelmann are suppliers of paper and cardboard packaging solutions and, this year, will be introducing, amongst other things, their new 'Excellence' concept package: a folding box with the liner already integrated into it. The fine corrugated papers in minimal weights that give that special visual appeal to luxury cosmetics are normally made in a very elaborate process. Edelmann make it easy for their customers, by integrating the liner into the packaging and supplying it already fitted. Colouring and printing in accordance with the customer's wishes are both equally possible, as is the inclusion of booklets, sachets and other add-ons.

    Photo: Edelmann_Excellence_Concept_Liner


    Eisele Case System present ECOCASE for the first time

    Hall 2 / Stand D10

    Bavarian case producers Eisele Case System will appear in Munich with their brand new case system, ECOCASE. A company with a long-standing tradition, they have created this new range from renewable raw materials, which are manufactured with a high proportion of natural fibres, thus conserving natural resources. The use of natural fibres makes the case lightweight in itself and yet extremely resilient. A closely fitting inner lining protects the contents from shocks. With impeccable ecological credentials and in a natural wood look, these new case options from the Bavarian manufacturer are to be presented for the first time at CosmeticBusiness. As well as hops, barley and flax, the external shell of the case is made of well-tried hemp fibres. ECOCASE carries eco-certification and emphasises the sustainability credentials of the products that are presented in it.

    Photo: Eisele_ECOcase 4xShampoo


    GRAFE: On-trend, urban tones for the 2016 colour season

    Hall 4 / Stand D06

    At the stand of Color Batch manufacturers, Grafe, interested trade visitors can get an overview of the 2016 colour trends. Dramatic blues, bright green, reds that range from bright and trendy to glamorous, strong contrasts, as well as metallic shimmer and glitter effects, are what characterise the chic city scene for GRAFE and serve as the company's inspiration for its colour palette for the coming autumn/winter season. The colour palette for the spring/summer season 2016 is both opulent and soft at the same time: delicate and harmonious green, blue, purple and orange take their place alongside oriental and magical tones such as violet and dark blue. The colour palettes presented by GRAFE provide a source of ideas for product development in the coming year.

    Photo: Grafe_ Kalender (Grafe Calendar)


    HEINZ-GLAS enhances glass bottles with natural wood, slate and leather textures

    Hall 4 / Stand D18

    Inspired by the textures found in natural materials, HEINZ-GLAS has developed cosmetics and perfume bottles with distinctive surface patterns. This company, which specialises in glass manufacture and finishing, will be showcasing its new glass bottles with wood, leather and slate-like surface textures in Munich.

    This unusual look arises from the interplay of natural materials, micro-lasering of the surface texture and digital printing technology. This combination produces a colour effect that is very close to the natural grains of wood and leather and the texture of slate.


    Photo: HEINZ-GLAS_ wood


    Iggesund Paperboard: Invercote G with high-quality printable reverse side

    Hall 4 / Stand D11

    Changing market requirements are the catalyst for constant product improvement. Iggesund Paperboard has responded to the needs of the market and has given its Invercote premium packaging an upgrade. In Munich, the Swedish packaging specialist will present its market leader Invercote G with a lightly coated and whiter reverse side, which now enables high-quality printing on the inside of the packaging, too. The light-fastness of the material has also been improved.

    Photo: Iggesund Paperboard_Invercote G


    Inotech: Patented 2-component injection-blow technology

    Hall 2 / Stand B08

    A wide range of functional packaging solutions and a high degree of design freedom are offered by the patented 2-component technology that packaging manufacturer Inotech is exhibiting in Munich. The glass-look packaging material provides high levels of both transparency and shine, thanks to the thickness of the sides. Individual colour combinations or transparent areas, such as viewing windows, can create interesting 3D effects. In addition, the use of different combinations of materials also makes it possible to produce hard/soft combinations such as a soft-touch feel or inner-bag systems. The inner component can also provide protection for the product as an anti-bacterial layer or barrier against UV radiation, oxygen, hydrogen or other harmful influences.

    Photo: Inotech_2 Komponenten Spritz Blas Technologie (Inotech 2-component injection-blow technology)


    Lifocolor Masterbatches & Compounds: 'Colours of Motion' – colour trends 2015/16

    Hall 4 / Stand F01

    With its 'Colour Road' trend report, colour-granule manufacturer Lifocolor is presenting the colour and design trends for the coming season at CosmeticBusiness. The 'Colours of Motion' colour palette came about as a result of collaboration with colour designers and international trend institutes: a synaesthetic fusion of movement and colour, which expresses itself in the three trend themes of 'Flying Formations', 'Flowing Formations and 'Swimming Formations'. Inspired by sequences of movement in nature, Lifocolor presents the colour accents of natural flying, flowing and swimming formations, which provide ideas for product design for the 2015/2016 season.

    Photo: Lifocolor_Beschilderung (Lifocolor signposts)


    Lumson: GREEN PE – sustainable packaging from sugar-cane ethanol

    Hall 4 / Stand E03

    Lumson is going down the green route at this year's CosmeticBusiness. The Italian packaging specialist is presenting its new PE packaging, which is manufactured using ethanol, derived from sugar cane. Green PE is – in contrast to ethanol that has been derived from crude oil – manufactured in a more sustainable way and with lower CO2 emissions. For every tonne of Green PE produced, there is a saving of 2.5 tonnes of CO2. Lumsen can produce their entire STD PE plastic bottle collection in the Green PE version. The bottles can subsequently be coloured and finished as usual. The use of Green PE packaging can also make it easier for cosmetics brands to get organic certification for their products.

    Photo: Lumson_Green PE


    Meding presents jars and spatulas with many design options

    Hall 3 / Stand A10

    Meding's intention in developing its new jar range was to be able to meet customer demand for cream jars and spatulas in a more flexible way. In Munich, the plastics specialist will present jars with matching spatulas, which are available in a range of different colours and designs and which can be chromed and gilded if desired. The jars are manufactured from non-toxic plastic and are available in volumes from 3 to 350 millilitres.

    Photo: Meding_5594


    REBHAN presents the COLONNA bottle range in slim format

    Hall 3 / Stand B14


    REBHAN has added to its popular COLONNA GLASS POLYMER range of bottles.

    The new COLONNA SLIM is a slender 30ml bottle, which has been specially developed for luxury cosmetics applications.

    Because of its slim, elegant-looking shape, it sits nicely in the hand and just fits into small handbags and cosmetics bags. The COLONNA range is made of light, unbreakable glass polymer and is equipped with a decorative cap.




    Photo: REBHAN_Colonna Slim_Pumpe+Zerstäuber (REBHAN 'Colonna Slim' pump+atomiser)


    SCANDOLARA: PE tubes with applicators for a variety of beauty applications

    Hall 4 / Stand D10

    Trade visitors can see for themselves what new combinations of PE tubes and applicators are possible at the SCANDOLARA stand. With its product palette of airless pump tubes and PE tubes with a whole range of lip and eye applicators, the manufacturer can offer the appropriate applicator for virtually any cosmetic application. SCANDOLARA BEAUTY tubes combine the advantages of a PE tube with professional applicators so that just the right amount of face cream, make-up, eye-care or lip-care product is applied to the skin.

    Photo: Scandolara_Tubetti Trasparenti (Scandolara's transparent tubes)


    Toyo & Deutsche Aerosol: innovative two-component aerosol the DUAL

    Hall 3 / Stand D14

    The joint venture between Toyo & Deutsche Aerosol will be represented at CosmeticBusiness with an innovative aerosol packaging system. The DUAL combines two bags with a single valve and thus makes it possible to store two components separately within one system and then to release both with the push of a single button. Hermetically-sealed aluminium bags prevent the contents from oxidising or becoming contaminated. This DUAL principle, developed on the basis of 'bag-on-valve' technology, is suitable for just about any product. Possible areas of application are hair-colouring or skin-care products made up of two components, which are not intended to come into contact with each other until the button is pushed.

    Photo: TD Aersosol_THE DUAL


    All information given here is based on that supplied by the manufacturers. Leipziger Messe accepts no responsibility for the functional suitability or safety of the products described. All photographs belong to the exhibitors and/or the manufacturers and may be used only in connection with news of the individual manufacturer /exhibitor or their products for reporting purposes in the press and on condition that the exhibitor's name appears in the attribution. You can obtain copies of the manufacturer's photos by requesting them from m.fiedler@leipziger-messe.de

    About CosmeticBusiness
    In 2014, a total of 394 exhibitors and represented companies from both Germany and abroad presented their services and products at CosmeticBusiness, international trade fair of the cosmetics supplying industry. CosmeticBusiness is the only international trade fair in Europe where the cosmetics industry can meet their suppliers exclusively and find solutions for the development of every kind of cosmetic product, from active ingredients to production processes and packaging. As the only sector rendezvous in Germany, Europe's largest cosmetics market, the B2B trade fair is essential as a trend barometer for decision-makers working in business management, product management and development, marketing, purchasing and production. In 2015, the B2B trade fair takes place in the Munich MOC on 10 and 11 June and hence for the first time on Wednesday and Thursday.

    About Leipziger Messe
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