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    Press release from 4/6/17 | CosmeticBusiness

    Innovations of the cosmetics supplying industry: report on new products at CosmeticBusiness 2017

    More than 400 exhibitors and represented companies will be introducing their innovative new solutions for future product ideas in the cosmetics industry at CosmeticBusiness 2017. A large number of new products – from areas that include raw materials, manufacturing and packaging – will be waiting for visitors to the international trade fair of the cosmetics supplying industry on 21 and 22 June in the MOC Events Centre in Munich.

    All information given is based on details provided by the exhibitors. Leipziger Messe accepts no liability for the functional adequacy or safety of the products described. All photos are provided by exhibitors and may be used only for the purpose of editorial coverage of news and must mention the exhibitor by name in the photo credits.

    You will find illustrative material about the new products on the website, where they can be downloaded at: www.cosmetic-business.com/tradefair/en/press/Press-News/Newsreport

    New products in raw materials and manufacturing

    Exhibitors in the field of raw materials and manufacturing at this year’s CosmeticBusiness are increasingly taking their inspiration from nature. As a result, natural and near-natural raw materials are often used and they shape the picture among the new products to be exhibited in Munich.

    Biosynthis: ECO-SQUALANE® – first bio-based alternative of olive squalane
    Hall 2, Booth B13

    Biosynthis presents ECO-SQUALANE®, the first bio-based alternative of olive squalane, at CosmeticBusiness 2017. Olive squalane knows a tremendous consumption since shark liver oil is prohibited in cosmetics. Its exceptional sensorial profile including an excellent skin biocompatibility with moisturizing effect made it as the favourite for cosmetic formulators. But olive supply chain is subject to uncertain conditions due to weather, to insect’s attacks and a new trend in olive oil industry like physical refining. In this context Biosynthis has developed ECO-SQUALANE®, the first bio-based alternative of olive squalane obtained from olive and coconut oils. ECO-SQUALANE® concept is a patented composition of olive squalane and coconut alkanes. Coconut oil is more available than olive oil without any risk of supply shortages. More over ECO-SQUALANE® is more cost effective than olive squalane. It can be considered in terms of cosmetics properties as a bio-mimetic ingredient presenting similar properties than pure olive squalane: same viscosity and refractive index conjugated with excellent textural properties demonstrated by an instrumental study of texturometry including spreading behaviour, firmness, cohesiveness, consistency and sticky effects.

    Web: www.biosynthis.com

    Dreiturm: DreiMed baby range for babies’ sensitive skin
    Hall 3, Booth D04

    The new DreiMed baby range from Dreiturm contains six products for perfectly cleansing, soothing and protecting the sensitive baby skin. The products include a cream to protect cuts and abrasions, washing lotion and shampoo, skin care lotion, gentle formula bath gel, care oil and care cream which will all be presented at CosmeticBusiness 2017. For their new range of care products, the Dreiturm development team has chosen a traditional natural ingredient based on calendula (marigold), which soothes and gently cares for delicate and sensitive skin.

    Web: www.dreiturm.de/?lang=en

    M. Opitz: brand new serum with anti-aging effect
    Hall 4, Booth E21

    M. Opitz will be presenting their Phyto de Luxe – Phyto DS Forbidden Serum at CosmeticBusiness 2017, a product that the Mila d’Opiz laboratories have been able to develop thanks to a combination of various active ingredients, such as Matrixyl, XEP_18 and Dynalift, and advanced biological technology. The new serum is claimed to realise the dream of an effective anti-aging compound. In addition, it evens the skin and gives it a youthful appearance from the first application onwards.

    At the same time, it is particularly interesting that the XEP_18 complex is partially derived from an extract of the deep-sea snail. The company’s scientific team spent months experimenting and finally included the new product in their collection after successful testing. Improvements in skin tone are said to be recognisable after just a few applications of Phyto de Luxe – Phyto DS Forbidden Serum.

    Web: www.m-opitz.com

    NCD ingredients: natural protection and care with Natura-Tec Plantsoft Wax
    Hall 2, Booth B11

    At this year’s CosmeticBusiness, NCD Ingredients will be showcasing their new Natura-Tec Plantsoft Wax. To make this, only natural ingredients were used. They were mixed in such a way as to create a product that both formed a film to protect the skin and had moisturising and emollient properties, as well as helping stabilise emulsions. These properties are very similar to those that are traditionally associated with Lanolin Wax.

    Natura-Tec Plantsoft Wax has a role to play, for instance, in skin care: the elastic and velvet-soft film is said to stabilise the moisture levels in the skin tissue and to protect the surface of the skin. This new product can, therefore, be used, for instance, in water-in-oil emulsions, including, amongst other things, in creams for dry skin, and will be used in baby care. And there are applications in hair care too. The reason for this is that the film-forming properties recommend themselves as a natural fixative in hair waxes – and, in hair-conditioners, they help with combing the hair and with its elasticity.

    Web: www.ncd-ingredients.de/home-eng

    ProTec Ingredia introduces their active ingredients Areaumat Perpetua G and Pinolumin
    Hall 3, Booth B01

    The active ingredients Areaumat Perpetua G and Pinolumin are both part of ProTec Ingredia’s presentation on their booth at CosmeticBusiness 2017.

    Areaumat Perpetua G – reduces redness and strengthens the skin’s barrier function

    The newly launched ingredient, Areaumat Perpetua G is a watery extract of the plant helichrysum italicum, also known as immortelle. The compound immediately soothes irritated skin, reduces redness and strengthens the skin’s barrier function, as well as helping to regulate moisture levels. In addition, Areaumat Perpetua G helps restore balance to the skin. The active ingredient is available in two versions: either preserved or, on the other hand, unpreserved with glycerine.

    Pinolumin – soothes and protects the skin from inflammatory reactions

    Pinolumin is a neuro-cosmetic ingredient – an extract of Swiss pine that is highly prized for its soothing qualities. The active substance Pinolumin contains the anti-oxidant Pinosylvin, which is very similar in its structure to Resveratrol. Pinolumin soothes and protects the skin against inflammatory reactions, as well as minimising redness and unevenness of skin pigmentation. The skin thus gains in radiance and becomes visibly more even.

    Web: www.protec-ingredia.de/en

    Sederma: unprecedented way of combating wrinkle appearance
    Hall 3, Booth E07

    Matrixyl® Morphomics™, the youngest member of the Matrixyl®-Inside-family by Sederma, is based on a new peptide and will be introduced at CosmeticBusiness 2017. This active ingredient offers a kind of anti-wrinkle treatment that has never been seen before. It works by acting on the morphology of the skin and the connections between cells. Matrixyl® Morphomics™ achieves some remarkable effects in the fight against signs of aging and wrinkles.

    Web: www.sederma.com

    Seppic: new active ingredients PROTEOL™ APL EF and CONTACTICEL in focus
    Hall 2, Booth B12

    Visitors to CosmeticBusiness 2017 will be able to find out all about the new active ingredients PROTEOL™ APL EF and CONTACTICEL at Seppic’s booth.

    PROTEOL™ APL EF – rich, creamy foam for sensitive skin

    PROTEOL™ APL EF is the latest product to come from Seppic and is based on amino-acid technology. Typical amino acids derived from apple juice form the basis of this product and make for a rich and creamy foam. Thanks to its mild qualities, PROTEOL™ APL EF is very well suited to use with delicate skin or children and for sensitive areas, such as around eyes and intimate areas.

    CONTACTICEL – the promise of skin protection in concentrated form

    Seppic’s new active ingredient based on stem-cell technology using algae is called Contacticel. It is based on a red alga, which is well-known for protecting other algae and organisms against environmental changes and stress. The active ingredient concentrates this protective potential and adapts it for the skin. On the one hand, Contacticel improves the skin’s barrier function, by reducing sebum production, and, on the other, it improves the quality of the sebum, thus avoiding impurities and blemishes in the skin.

    Web: www.seppic.com

    Lessonia has developed new formulas with natural decorative particles
    Hall 2, Booth D14

    Thanks to its double expertise in natural cosmetic ingredients and in final product formulation, Lessonia has developed new formulas that reflect the nature's richness. These formulas, which will be shown at CosmeticBusiness 2017, follow the trend of naturalness and offer, at the same time, exceptional visual effects, thanks to the decorative particles they contain. Lessonia has selected the best pieces of flowers among its ingredient to create this range: camomilla, calendula, rosa canina or cornflower give the skincare products their special quality. Thanks to its know-how and experience in cosmetic products formulation, Lessonia is able to manufacture and pack cosmetic formulations integrating these decorative particles, and guarantee their stability. The company has developed different formulas which express the beauty of these natural particles: massage oils, dry oils, shower gels, cleansers, lotions, creams, shampoos or mask. With decorative particles, give a real aestheticism to cosmetics.

    Web: www.lessonia.com

    First-time appearances and newly created products for packaging

    There are lots of innovative packaging solutions to be discovered at this year’s CosmeticBusiness. New packaging materials, sealing methods and some special post-press processing and finishing techniques, together with some high-quality designs for cosmetic products will be exhibited at the show.

    Baralan: Link – innovative cap seal with locking system
    Hall 2, Booth B21

    Link is an innovative overcap which satisfies the needs of a market increasingly looking for solutions of multiple packaging. This overcap has an interlocking system which allows one to create different product combinations: from two to four or more solutions; from line to rectangular and square shapes. Baralan will show the innovative overcap Link at CosmeticBusiness 2017.

    Web: www.baralan.com

    bomo trendline: Duo Cosmetic Pen System – two products in one
    Hall 2, Booth C25

    With their Duo Cosmetic Pen System, which combines two products in one and is sure to attract attention from trade professionals at the upcoming CosmeticBusiness, bomo trendline is setting new standards in innovative cosmetics. This medium sized company offers a full service for eyeliners and lip liners, which form part of their core competence. They are now going a step further and are introducing an ideal combination of two hitherto separate products which work really well together. One example of this is their Permanent Liprouge and Permanent Lipliner, which are combined in a single stick. While the fine tip of the lip liner traces the contour of the lips, the new Flocki Tip applies the colour to the lips themselves. The clearly defined contours of the lips create a visual highlight and the soothing aloe vera in the cosmetic protects against dry lips. Moreover, the Permanent Lipliner is waterproof and contains no parabens. The Duo Cosmetic Pen System is also available as Duo Eyes, involving the integration of the Eyebrow Designer (for shaping, combing and colouring) and the Eyebrow Finalizer (corrector pencil).

    Web: www.bomo-trendline.de/index_en.php

    Corpack: Avalon Light – Corpack’s Avalon range
    Hall 3, Booth D02

    Corpack is introducing the next generation of their compact line Avalon, Avalon Light, at this year’s CosmeticBusiness. The popular standard range has been extended to include a significant development, though it retains its exclusive overall design concept. Avalon Light incorporates the magnet refill system which has proved so popular with customers. There is a hole at the base so that the rigidly fixed powder godet, once used, can be easily removed by pushing it out from the back. Because of the way the Avalon range is designed, the lid disappears almost completely into the base. From outside, only the thin rim of the lid can be seen. At the same time, Corpack has not only paid attention to the aesthetics of the design, but also to functionality and convenience of opening. Due to deepening in the base the lid can be easily separated from the base and then sealed again with a click. At the moment, the Avalon Light range consists of three sizes of powder compacts. Further extensions to the range and other sizes are planned. Moreover, the material is suitable for a variety of finishing techniques such as matt lacquer, hot-foil embossing and screen printing.

    Web: www.corpack.de/en

    Gabriel-Chemie: unique marble and onyx effects for plastics
    Hall 4, Booth D07

    At Gabriel-Chemie’s exhibition booth at this year’s CosmeticBusiness, interested visitors can find out all about the ‘Perfect Imperfection’ project, which is about the imitation, in plastic, of forms and structures that have taken years to develop in nature. This involves representations of onyx, marble, oxidised metal and a concrete effect in various colour combinations, with specific examples on display at the annual series ‘Colour Vision N° 17’. Using this technique, effects such as marbling, wood-grain effects, oxidation effects and stone-like surfaces can be achieved for the first time in plastic applications. The achievement, for example, of an optimum marble effect depends on a careful selection of polymers and masterbatch formula. In addition, the processing machinery must be properly adjusted in order to achieve perfect results. The effects are most spectacular in injection moulding processes. Almost all colours can be used with marble and onyx effects in the manufacture of items for use in food packaging.

    Web: www.gabriel-chemie.com/en

    GRAFE: the persuit of colors with GRAFE – the 2018 trend colors
    Hall 4, Booth E09

    In line with their slogan ‘The pursuit of colors with GRAFE’, the presentation of the color trends for 2018 lies at the heart of GRAFE’S trade fair participation at CosmeticBusiness 2017. For their color preview, they have again staged a creative highlight – this time with the help of the well-known poetry slammer AIDA. He has put together an adventure story in twelve sections, which, each month, takes the reader on a new chapter of a journey through the world of colors. A calendar records the trends in colors that are discovered during the course of the trip round the world and thus creates a material visualisation to accompany the story.

    The narrative clearly illustrates a dominance of blue during the spring and summer of 2018 – from a relatively delicate shade to deeper, darker tones. Pastel shades, too, are re-interpreted, creating delicate lacy effects, as well as also having a more powerful and joyous presence at times. Very deep, dark tones, that look almost black, occupy a majorly important position. In autumn and winter, discreet blues, greens and browns are set to dominate. Additionally, metallics – in a wide variety of shades – stand out particularly. Moreover, matt surfaces are increasingly prized. This leads to colors that are velvety, with a warm, comforting, soft feel. And matt surfaces can often evoke lightly shimmering effects.

    Web: www.grafe.com/en

    HCT Europe presents new gel sponge Gellie Sponge
    Hall 3, Booth D30

    The Gellie Sponge, which will be shown at CosmeticBusiness 2017, features a unique “soft-solid” material that combines the 3D deformation of a liquid and the memory shape of a solid. This exclusive technology ensures impeccable, streak-free application with minimum product waste, every time. Competing sponges currently being seen on the market are made up of materials that contain a variety of chemicals and plasticizers, says HCT, and oftentimes these sponges are covered in a thick, slippery layer of plastic that is not ideal for makeup application. The Gellie Sponge, however, features what HCT describes as “a ground-breaking technology” that allows the soft “skin” surrounding the gel to be ultra-thin, which makes for an application process so natural, it feels like you are applying the product with your own finger. This skin-like material is available in a variety of different textures that cannot be offered by any other supplier. The Gellie Sponge is available in a wide range of colours and can be finished with a large selection of different deco finishes including; embossing and debossing, printed designs and logos as well as the addition of materials.

    Web: www.hctgroup.com

    Heinz-Glas: AMAZE'n'GAZE – glass flacon with extraordinary design
    Hall 3, Booth D14

    Heinz-Glas’ latest innovation, which can be seen at CosmeticBusiness 2017, is their ‘AMAZE'n'GAZE – see through beauty’. Its appeal lies in the extraordinary design, involving a hole in the glass bottle, which immediately distinguishes it from the other products on the market. Heinz-Glas has managed, as the result of a complex and expensive process, to develop it in such a way that it is capable of serial production in top quality glass. Another particular feature lies in the detail. The hole, which can be created in an industrial process, is not only in the shape of the company logo, it is also polished to the last millimetre, so that the snap-on cap fits exactly inside it. This design concept, exhibited by Heinz-Glas, opens up numerous possibilities for further applications and combinations.

    Web: www.heinz-glas.com/en

    INOTECH: Floating Crystals – high-quality crystals provide glamour
    Hall 2, Booth B08

    In collaboration with Swarovski, manufacturer of ground crystal glass, INOTECH has developed the new luxury packaging product Floating Crystals, which will be exhibited at CosmeticBusiness 2017. Particularly eye-catching is the jar, where high-quality crystals are embedded in the walls, lending each product even more resplendence. Moreover, the special production process allows considerable design freedom – so that, for example, combinations of crystals and textual features can both be included. And there are also a great many possibilities as regards the size, cut and colour of the Swarovski crystals.

    Web: www.inotech.de/en

    Lageen Tubes: ‘CrystalClear’ Plastic Tube delivers see-through transparency
    Hall 4, Booth E20

    At CosmeticBusiness 2017 Lageen Tubes presents its innovative „CrystalClear“ PE tube which delivers see-through transparency and offers numerous shades and reflection possibilities to allow a premium and high end look. The crystal-clear tube is a mono-layer sleeve produced with a more transparent raw material compared to the standard natural sleeve of Lageen Tubes. It is very effective when the colour and the texture of the filling play a part in the decoration.

    Web: www.lageentubes.com

    Lifocolor Farben: ‘Authentic Emotions’ – colour forecast for spring and summer
    Hall 4, Booth F01

    In our dematerialised new world, basic human needs are often poorly served. As personal as our notions of a happy life might be, some common tendencies can be identified. The need for real experiences is reflected in the new 2018 ‘Colour Road’ with ‘Authentic Emotions’ from Lifocolor Farben, which will be on display at CosmeticBusiness. One component of the Colour Road 2018 is, for instance, ‘Real Motion’ which features natural blue and green tones. ‘Slow Motion’ uses its neutral tones to convey the conscious slowing-down of everyday life. And ‘Speed Motion’ with its yellow and pink tones is all about energy and extreme challenges.

    Web: www.lifocolor.com

    Lumson: first lipstick and new Airless dispenser
    Hall 4, Booth E03

    Lipstick Rouge – elegant shape customized by pop-up technique

    Lumson’s first lipstick on the makeup market is called Rouge. It is distinguished by its elegant shape, a testament to inimitable Italian design. The Lipstick Rouge can be customized thanks to one of the most recent avant-garde decoration technologies, the pop-up technique. There are various advantages: The technique is used to create an embossed effect, a perfect contrast between glossy and matte. Optimal reproducibility can be mentioned as well. The technique allows you to reproduce the decoration on each component, without any variation of colour and thickness, normally present in traditional decoration techniques. Lumson will show the new lipstick at CosmeticBusiness 2017.

    One o One – new generation of Airless with a piston-system

    At CosmeticBusiness 2017, Lumson launches One o One into the realm of the Airless world, a new generation of Airless with a piston-system. One o One was born as an answer to the new needs of the market which is seeing the appearance of new active ingredients and customized, compounded formulas with reduced preservative use to guarantee purity. Conceived and created by Lumson’s Research and Development team, this new range guarantees innovative characteristics and the performance that the cosmetic market needs: increased compatibility of materials, a pump with excellent vacuum-seal performance, a precise dosage, no external air contamination, and an optimal restitution rate of over 95%. It is able to dispense even the most high-viscosity formulations thanks to the materials that compose its airless pump. One o One is available in 15, 30 and 50ml sizes and is made with the brand-new Purity pump, distinguishable due to its metal engine.

    Web: www.lumson.com

    RUSI Cosmetic showcase Nail Director® and Calla Flock applicators
    Hall 2, Booth B04/C03

    On their exhibition stand at CosmeticBusiness 2017, RUSI Cosmetic will be displaying some of their new products including, amongst others, the two applicators Nail Director® und Calla Flock.

    Nail Director® – new level of nail care thanks to one-click system

    The innovative, patented packaging, Nail Director®, which RUSI Cosmetic is exhibiting at CosmeticBusiness 2017, takes nail care to a whole new level. The one-click system means that the bottle can be opened without turning the top – all that is needed is gentle thumb pressure against the cap and the product is immediately ready for use. And, moreover, the care oil is simply and precisely applied by means of the integrated fibre tip. Thanks to the special shape of the applicator, the cuticle is gently pushed back at the same time.

    Calla Flock – applicator with integrated bulk reservoir

    The new Calla Flock applicator, which RUSI Cosmetic will be bringing to this year’s CosmeticBusiness, is a patented and unique design for extraordinary lips. Its shape echoes the elegance of the calla flower. The flexible applicator is smooth and gentle in action. And the integrated bulk reservoir makes for improved filling and dispensing.

    Web: www.rusi.de/index.php/en

    Zahn Pinsel: cosmetic brush FINA – a luxuriously designed trendsetter
    Hall 3, Booth A23

    The extra fine, but at the same time resilient, synthetic fibres used in the FINA cosmetic brush mean that it is exceptionally pleasing to use. The combination of satinised handles and gleaming ferrules in anthracite makes the FINA range a trendsetter in luxury design. The functionality of this professional series must also be emphasised. The practical, yet elegant, mini format of the new cosmetic brush makes it ideal for freshening up one’s makeup and fits comfortably into a handbag. The manufacturers, Zahn Pinsel, will be exhibiting their new product at CosmeticBusiness 2017.

    Web: www.zahn-pinsel.com/index.php/home.html

    Zanders: Zanpack silk digital – new digital print grade for high-quality packaging
    Hall 4, Booth A12/B09

    Zanpack silk digital is a one-side double-coated board designed for packaging and will be one of the eye-catching exhibits at CosmeticBusiness 2017. The new digital print grade will win people over with its tangibly smooth, silky-matte surface. It demonstrates excellent toner adhesion in just a short time, thus achieving an outstanding printed image in conjunction with its high-purity whiteness. Furthermore, Zanpack silk digital has superb lacquering, embossing, stamping and laminating characteristics. Zanpack silk digital is ISEGA-certified, features odour and taste neutrality and is UV light resistant. It is available in the grammages of 220, 240 and 275 gsm. This packaging material, which Zanders has added to their high-quality board range, has applications in a variety of areas, including cosmetics.

    Web: www.zanders.de/en/home.html

    About CosmeticBusiness

    In 2016, 410 exhibitors and represented companies from inside and outside Germany presented themselves, their products and services at CosmeticBusiness, the international trade fair for the cosmetics industry and its suppliers. CosmeticBusiness is the only international trade fair in Europe, at which the cosmetics industry meets up exclusively with its suppliers and finds the wherewithal for the development of all kinds of cosmetic products, from the raw materials and manufacture to packaging. The only sector meeting place in Germany, Europe's largest cosmetics market, this B2B trade fair is indispensable as a trend barometer for decision makers in senior management positions, in product management and development, as well as those in marketing, purchasing and production. CosmeticBusiness 2017 will take place on 21 and 22 June in the MOC Events Centre in Munich.

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