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    Press release from 6/29/17 | CosmeticBusiness

    Exhibitors’ and visitors' statements on CosmeticBusiness 2017

    Exhibitors’ statements on CosmeticBusiness 2017:

    Marcus Mausberg, Managing Director, Neochem GmbH, Polygon Chemie AG: "I was here last year as a visitor and, after the positive impressions which I received, I decided that Polygon should exhibit at CosmeticBusiness for the first time in 2017. This has turned out to be the right move. CosmeticBusiness has developed fantasti-cally and it’s the one to choose if you want to meet small and medium-sized compa-nies. The location, too, is phenomenal. We were able to make numerous new con-tacts in the course of the fair – and customer meetings took place in a very good and relaxed atmosphere.”

    Harald Ballerstaedt, Managing Director, BALLERSTAEDT & CO. OHG: "At CosmeticBusiness 2017, we’ve met again with many of the contacts whom we were able to make at this year’s Interpack. This is very positive. It means that we were able to conclude several business deals for systems and devices. This is something that we had not been able to achieve at CosmeticBusiness up till now. I’d also like to underline that the fair was very well organised. If it goes on like this, CosmeticBusi-ness will do very well in the future."

    Christian Czech, CEO, Toyo & Deutsche Aerosol GmbH: "CosmeticBusiness is an outstanding fair; it is getting better every time. More and more decision makers are coming. We were able to make many new and promising contacts, to open up new markets, and to have some inspiring meetings.”

    Bernd Stauch, Senior Director, Gerresheimer: "CosmeticBusiness works very efficiently. Over the two days, trade visitors are able to access concise information about the latest developments in the sector. We conducted concrete discussions at CosmeticBusiness 2017, particularly about the technical opportunities that we can realise for our customers in the cosmetics industry. We are thinking about taking a larger exhibition space at the fair next time."

    Kerstin Thiele, Managing Director, Parsens Sarl: "We are a French company in the perfume industry, and for us CosmeticBusiness is one of the most important cosmetic fairs in Europe. Here we had an opportunity to maintain customer contacts from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. But we also had meetings with Italian and Polish trade visitors. Our exhibition stand and product range met with an excellent response from them. In general, there was a larger number of visitors in Hall 4."

    Adolf B. Brodscholl, Managing Director, bomo trendline: "The quality of the visi-tors is a crucial factor for a trade fair, and this was exactly right at CosmeticBusiness 2017. We meet many existing partners and customers at CosmeticBusiness – so maintaining these contacts is a priority for us. But business with new customers is also an incentive for our company, bomo trendline, to exhibit here at the trade fair."

    Dorothée Lienau, Marketing & Sales Manager, TREFFPACK (C.E. Gätcke's Glas Gesellschaft GmbH & Co. KG): "CosmeticBusiness is the most important trade fair in German-speaking countries for us in the cosmetics sector. This year we had more potential customers on our stand, and discussions with them were all about larger order volumes. We established many new contacts – and exchanges with existing customers and suppliers were very good on both days. We shall be back at CosmeticBusiness again next year."

    Michael Pfeiffer, CEO, Pfeiffer Consulting GmbH: "Compared to the last Cos-meticBusiness, we had approximately 20 percent more visitors on our stand this year. We were engaged in intensive discussions with trade visitors right up to 6pm, when the fair closed. There were also many potential new customers among them. We are very happy all round."

    Manuela Salmina-Petersen, director customer projects, PRETTY SMART IN-NOVATIONS by Dr. Straetmans GmbH: "This was our very first appearance at a trade fair with the PRETTY SMART INNOVATIONS business segment – and this decision was worthwhile for us. We were able to establish completely new contacts at CosmeticBusiness 2017. In recent years, we’d come to the fair as visitors. The good impression it made has proved true. As we’d like to further develop the PRET-TY SMART INNOVATIONS segment, we eagerly await business in the follow-up to the trade fair."

    Sebastian Zimmer, Sales Manager Cosmetics, WESSLING GmbH: "We are pleased with the high quality of the discussions on our stand – both those with our existing customers and with prospective new ones. Because there were many deci-sion makers right on the spot, it was possible to conduct discussions about concrete details of current and future projects during the fair itself. CosmeticBusiness is of great interest to us, as the leading company for consultancy, analysis and testing for cosmetic products, because exhibitors as well as visitors are potential customers."

    Tobias Müller, Marketing Manager, Zanders GmbH: "We are very happy with the way CosmeticBusiness 2017 has gone. I’ve also noticed this time that the visitors who come to CosmeticBusiness think more openly than those at other fairs of this kind. It’s here that we socialise with our existing customers and get to know new business contacts, so we know exactly what our customers are interested in. Cos-meticBusiness is a very good mood barometer for us."

    Simone Stöckigt, CEO, fs Etiketten GmbH: "We have exhibited at CosmeticBusi-ness for several years now and we are very pleased again this time. I’d particularly like to mention the quality of the trade visitors. In any event, we shall be back again at CosmeticBusiness 2018. I already have the concept for our exhibition stand in mind right now."

    Stephan Bestehorn, Managing Partner, rlc packaging group: "We have been exhibiting at CosmeticBusiness right from the start. It is an integral part of our beauty strategy and the most important specialist beauty fair in Germany. The quality of the trade visitors was very good again this year. Above all, we met many existing customers who visit CosmeticBusiness regularly."

    Sabina Angermann, General Manager, Madison Cosmetics: "We put the em-phasis on decorative cosmetics for our exhibition stand this year. This helped us to welcome many visitors at CosmeticBusiness 2017. We conducted good discussions and were able to get to know new contacts. Large numbers of potential customers, particularly from abroad, also came to our stand - from the Middle East, for example. That was a pleasant surprise for me."

    Bernd Steiner, Sales Director, Albéa Deutschland GmbH: "CosmeticBusiness is my favourite trade fair in Germany. It’s compact, the aisles are short and there’s an informal atmosphere. In addition, we can reach our key target group in the private label segment perfectly here, which means that we were able to record many good contacts and interesting discussions. What’s more, CosmeticBusiness is, in my view, one of the best organised trade fairs."

    Hans-Jürgen Schuder, CEO, Dreiturm: "We were very busy on our stand. There were numerous good contacts. In our opinion, the quality of the trade visitors at CosmeticBusiness has risen this year. What’s more, we were able to welcome more customers from our key target group this time than last year."

    Ulrike Marx, Technical Marketing, NCD Ingredients GmbH: "The raw materials theme is becoming more and more important at CosmeticBusiness. It was a good opportunity for us to present our capabilities as sales partners for the procurement of raw materials and active ingredients in the cosmetics industry. Among the visitors who came to our stand were those who are founding new companies in the cosmet-ics sector – and who can be supported by us right from the start. The trade fair went successfully for us."

    Nóra Mónus, Sales Manager, NEPOAC THE TUBE: "We are very happy with the trade fair. At this year’s CosmeticBusiness we’ve met our regular customers from Germany. It’s not possible for us to do this anywhere else in such a concentrated way. The German market is a major one for us; after France, it’s the second most important market for our business in Europe. We brought our new products to exhibit at CosmeticBusiness. This aroused interest among the large number of trade visitors who came to our stand."

    Fabien Kirchherr, Technical Manager, Deputy CEO, Synopac AG: "Cosmetic-Business 2017 went very well for us. We were able to provide the large number of contacts on our stand with specific information about our filling and capping ma-chines. Many concrete enquiries came out of this. What’s more, a few of the other exhibitors are also our suppliers and customers, which is very positive."

    Axel P. Degen, Sales Director Germany, Scandinavia, Benelux, Aptar beauty + home: "We had some very good discussions during CosmeticBusiness, which is where we meet our customers from German-speaking countries in particular. But we were also able to have exchanges with visitors from other countries, such as the Czech Republic, for example. Moreover, CosmeticBusiness offers us the opportunity to present our range of products and services in the fields of beauty, personal care and home care at one single fair. These are the reasons why we really like exhibiting at CosmeticBusiness."

    Kilian Kruse, Head of Product Management Coating, SINGULUS TECHNOLO-GIES AG: “We are mechanical engineers and have been offering surface and sys-tems technology for cosmetic products for around two years. In 2016, we exhibited at CosmeticBusiness Poland in Warsaw. And because CosmeticBusiness is one of the most interesting fairs in Germany, we also took part in Munich this year and are very pleased with the course of business there. The existing customers we invited came to see us. Extremely good was the demand for the illuminated plastic compo-nents developed by SINGULUS. Moreover, we also exchanged ideas and infor-mation with visitors from parts of the cosmetics sector who had not been in our sights beforehand. CosmeticBusiness showed us that there is still a great potential in the cosmetics sector.”

    Visitors’ statements on CosmeticBusiness 2017:

    Andrea Mitzscherlich, Head of Purchasing, Charlotte Meentzen Kräutervital Kosmetik GmbH: "I got a great deal out of my visit to the fair. In the first place I was able to meet and maintain former business contacts of mine. But I have likewise met new contacts. Next time it would be better for me to spend both days at the fair, since during CosmeticBusiness I can hold many worthwhile meetings. Here you can find everything you need in the cosmetics industry.”

    Janine Kops, Head of Internal Sales & Marketing, Maxim Markenprodukte GmbH & Co. KG: "I am very pleased with my visit to CosmeticBusiness 2017. It is a compact fair where I can find all the important suppliers very close to each other. For the first time, I also attended lectures on the conference programme, which were very interesting and informative. They tackled global themes, such as digitalisation, with the cosmetics sector specifically in mind."

    Diana Dormann, Head of Purchasing, Wilde Cosmetics GmbH: "I have been visiting CosmeticBusiness for several years now and it has become very well estab-lished. During the fair, I have exchanges with my suppliers in the fields of contract manufacturing and packaging, and there’s a large selection of them here. We are already working with many of these suppliers, but every time I also make new con-tacts. I am very happy with the way that CosmeticBusiness has gone."

    About CosmeticBusiness

    In 2017, 411 exhibitors and represented companies from inside and outside Germany pre-sented themselves, their products and services at CosmeticBusiness, the international trade fair of the cosmetics supplying industry. CosmeticBusiness is the only international trade fair in Europe, at which the cosmetics industry meets up exclusively with its suppliers and finds the wherewithal for the development of all kinds of cosmetic products, from the raw materials and manufacture to packaging. The only sector meeting place in Germany, Europe's largest cosmetics market, this B2B trade fair is indispensable as a trend barometer for decision makers in senior management positions, in product management and development, as well as those in marketing, purchasing and production. CosmeticBusiness 2018 will take place from 6 to 7 June in the MOC Munich.

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