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    Press release from 3/31/15 | CosmeticBusiness

    CosmeticBusiness 2015: signposts for product developers

    Specialist programme offers insights and prospects for trends, laws, markets and marketing

    The exhibition and its accompanying programme of specialist events at CosmeticBusiness on 10 and 11 June 2015 gives a rapid overall view of the major trends and market developments in the cosmetics and cosmetics supplying industry. For the first time, the specialist programme is divided into three major sections, with a total of 15 events in all: exhibitor spotlights, trend lectures and specialist lectures. This complements the many different opportunities to get information, offered by the 400 or so exhibitors from more than 20 countries, who will be presenting their new products, ranging from raw ingredients to manufacturing and packaging in Halls 2 to 4 of Munich's MOC centre.

    Each day around lunchtime, between 12.00 and 12.45 hrs, the programme at this, the only international trade fair for the cosmetics supplying industry, will focus on the trends in colours and materials for the coming year. Independent experts will be presenting the trends for 2016/17, so that participants will be able to get an idea of the prospects for product development over the next two years. The Managing Partner of the Exalis consultancy firm, a partner of the Carlin International Group, Mayouri Sengchanh, will start the ball rolling. She will provide information for the trade and professional audience on the “Must-have beauty trends in 2016/17”. In his lecture on the Thursday, trend researcher and colour expert at the German Fashion Institute (Deutsches Mode Institut – DMI), Niels Holger Wien, will demonstrate the relationship between zeitgeist, colours and materials under the title “Prospects 2016/17”.

    Mega trend: digitalisation

    A mega trend which will continue to preoccupy the cosmetics industry and its suppliers well into the future is the digitalisation of society. Digitalisation has already significantly impacted on consumer behaviour and hence also on the communication channels and platforms in the cosmetics industry, from brand communication to packaging design. This trend will continue, particularly for the generation of 'digital natives' and throws up questions such as: What role will packaging play in the future? What effects will progressive digitalisation have on packaging design? What will one need to pay attention to in terms of brand management in order to position cosmetic brands successfully in the future?

    At 1:30 p.m. on the Wednesday, Dr. Stephan Telschow will be giving insights into the consumer behaviour of the 'digital natives' generation. The title of his lecture is: “Shopper insights – how to really get through to digital natives with packaging.” The Corporate Director of market-research consultants, GIM Gesellschaft für Innovative Marktforschung GmbH, will demonstrate, with the help of the latest studies, what the key criteria are for 'digital natives' in their choice of personal care & beauty products.

    Digitalisation determines not only the way in which people get information and communicate with one another, stresses Uwe Munzinger, Managing Director of consultancy firm, Sasserath Munzinger Plus. It also influences how we buy and how we encounter brands; as a result, it changes basic business models and business processes. Hence the title of his lecture at 3:00 p.m. on the Wednesday: “Cosmetics Brands 2020 – trends, challenges and success factors in market launches.”

    Over and above current trends and demographic changes, packaging is, for Steffen Schnizer, one of marketing's most underestimated and, at the same time, most effective communication channels. Folding boxes, in particular, according to this expert, offer especially numerous opportunities for communicating information and for stimulating purchases – a thesis confirmed by the most recent “FFI Touch-point Study 2015 – folding boxes generate billions of contacts”. Steffen Schnizer, spokesperson for the German Professional Association for the Folding Box Industry (Fachverband Faltschachtel-Industrie e.V.- FFI) and Managing Director of packaging specialists Multi Packaging Solutions, will present the findings of the current study at CosmeticBusiness on the Wednesday at 3:45 p.m..

    The cosmetics market – a land of unlimited possibilities?

    Numerous trends in the European cosmetics markets offer potential for a wide range of product developments, depending on target group and requirements. At the same time, there is great pressure from those cosmetics markets to innovate, in order to distinguish oneself from the competition. Are these, then, ideal conditions for product developers? In principle, the answer is yes. Yet the framework, within which product development takes place, is circumscribed by European law. In order to help us find our way through the minefield created by the triple sets of demands of current trends, the pressure to innovate and the legal framework conditions, experts will, in various specialist lectures, provide answers to questions such as: Which changes in the law should we be preparing for and how? Which trends are impacting most on the market? What opportunities and niches are emerging outside of the mainstream trends?

    Regulation versus product development?

    Dr. Gerd Mildau will set the ball rolling on the Wednesday at 2:15 p.m. in his lecture “Is it enough to comply with current legislation on cosmetics when formulating products?” Dr. Mildau is Head of the Cosmetics Division at the Chemical and Veterinary Testing Laboratory (Chemisches und Veterinäruntersuchungamt - CVUA) and will talk on the consequences that the current EU Directive will have for the future development of cosmetic products. Michael Pfeiffer, too, will take a look at the legal frameworks. As far as the manufacture of cosmetics is concerned, the ISO Standard 22716 has played a key role since the middle of the 1990s, both at national and international level. It is for that reason that, at 3:00 p.m. on the Thursday, the Managing Director of the business consultancy Pfeiffer Consulting will be taking a closer look at the issues raised by the question: “Cosmetics GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) in line with ISO 22716 – How durable and future-proof is the current standard?”.

    Mega trends or one's own, individual profile?

    The other lectures on the Thursday afternoon will take at a look at the way in which market trends may impact on the cosmetics industry and its suppliers in the future. Frank W. Legart, Managing Partner of the company pour legart GmbH | solutions for cosmetics, will broach the subject at 1:30 p.m.: under the title “Trends at any price?”, Frank W. Legart will examine the challenges involved in product development and marketing. A marketing expert himself, he asks for more courage in developing one's own individual canon of values and individual profile. At 2:15 on the Thursday in Munich, Founder and Managing Director of the market-research and consultancy company Organic Monitor, based in London, Amarjit Sahota, will present “Trends in the European Natural & Organic Cosmetics Market”, including, too, a look beyond the well-known major trends such as vegan and ethnic influences on cosmetics.

    Spotlight on exhibitors' innovations

    New to the specialist programme at CosmeticBusiness are the so-called 'exhibitor spotlights'. For the first time, visitors to the international trade fair will be able attend lectures given by exhibitors, in order to find out more about the on-trend colours for 2016 as well as about selected product innovations in areas such as packaging, raw materials and labelling. The 'exhibitor spotlights' will take place on 10 and 11 June, between 10:30 and 11:45 a.m. on both days, and complement the new special display at CosmeticBusiness 'CB Spotlight'. The special show will highlight selected new products and innovations from the exhibitors in an exclusively designed area within the trade fair.

    The complete specialist programme for CosmeticBusiness, including detailed information on the speakers and the lecture topics is available online, as from now, at www.cosmetic-business.com. The Ticket Shop is also available online at www.cosmetic-business.com, as from 13 April 2015.

    About CosmeticBusiness

    In 2014, a total of 394 exhibitors and represented companies from both Germany and abroad presented their services and products at CosmeticBusiness, international trade fair of the cosmetics supplying industry. CosmeticBusiness is the only international trade fair in Europe where the cosmetics industry can meet their suppliers exclusively and find solutions for the development of every kind of cosmetic product, from active ingredients to production processes and packaging. As the only sector rendezvous in Germany, Europe's largest cosmetics market, the B2B trade fair is essential as a trend barometer for decision-makers working in business management, product management and development, marketing, purchasing and production. In 2015, the B2B trade fair takes place in the Munich MOC on 10 and 11 June and hence for the first time on Wednesday and Thursday.

    About Leipziger Messe

    Leipziger Messe GmbH is one of the ten leading German exhibition companies and amongst the top 50 worldwide. It operates one of the world's oldest exhibition centres, which, in 2015, will be celebrating its jubilee '850 years of trade fairs in Leipzig'. The Leipziger Messe Corporation organises events in Leipzig and in a variety of other locations both inside and outside Germany. With its five subsidiary companies and the Congress Center Leipzig (CCL), the Group offers integrated expertise in the organisation of events, setting standards for modern trade shows, exhibitions, congresses and functions. It was thanks to this expertise that customers and visitors together chose Leipziger Messe as the exhibition sector's champion service provider for 2014 in Germany' biggest poll rankings. The Leipzig company was also the first German exhibition company to be awarded the “Green Globe Standard” certificate. Sustainability is a key feature running through all the company's work.

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