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    Urea, crystalline, pure

    Urea, a diamine of carbonic acid, is an endogenous substance. In the human body, urea is an end product of the amino acid metabolism and is released not only via the kidneys, but also in sweat, via the cornification process.
    Thanks to its polar structure, urea has a water-binding effect and keeps the skin smooth and supple. These properties mean that urea is seen as a Natural Moisturising Factor (NFM) and is used in cosmetics and medicine as a side-effect free moisturising factor. For reasons of purity, no natural urea from animal or plant sources is used in cosmetic or medical applications. Cosmetic urea is a synthetic compound of carbon dioxide and ammonia which is produced under high pressure and at high temperatures.
    Cosmetic urea is an almost odourless white crystalline powder with very good solubility in water, as well as good solubility in ethanol. The quality for cosmetic applications conforms to the respective requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia.

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