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    INNOVATION ROUTE - MONTANOV™ 202: Bioinspired Emulsifier for Visible Benefits

    MONTANOV™ 202 creates emulsions rich in lamellar phases and lamellar bilayers, with an exceptional stability. Seppic looked at the science behind those liquid crystals, with an innovative ex-vivo method highlighting epidermidis lipids organization. A perfect biocompatibility for a skin visibly improved!
    MONTANOV™ 202 is a 100% plant based, Cosmos and Natrue approved O/W emulsifier. It allows to formulate ultra white thick lotions to creams with a light, soft skin feel and a matte finish on the skin.


    Martinstraße 16-20
    50667 Köln
    Phone: +49 221 88882420
    Fax: +49 221 88882499
    E-mail: germany.seppic@airliquide.com
    Internet: www.seppic.com

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