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    INNOVATION ROUTE - Happyness is the key to beauty! And therefore there is now WONDERAGE™

    Wonderage™ is a well-aging natural active ingredient with proven impact on skin condition and emotional wellbeing. The latter has been demonstrated with Artificial Intelligence tools. The secret of Wonderage™ is the Monk Fruit. This fruit is cultivated in a mountain valley in Guangxi, a place known by the striking longevity of its inhabitants attributed by scientists to their environment and positive attitude to life. Wonderage™ makes people feel “amazing”, “happy” and with “a greater quality of life”. Wonderage™ - because not beauty is the key to happiness.

    Happiness is the key to beauty!


    Pol. Ind. Can Salvatella - Gorgs Lladó 200
    Phone: +34 93 7192350
    Fax: +34 93 7190294
    E-mail: info@weareprovital.com
    Internet: www.weareprovital.com

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