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    BALLERSTAEDT relies on sustainable sealing foil: BaCo Seal Unicoat ECO 2.1

    The sealing material BaCo Seal Unicoat ECO 2.1 consists of protective-coated aluminum, which is particularly thin (25μm), but still has sufficient mechanical stability for further processing.
    Thus, the use of raw material can be reduced. The sustainability of aluminum is no question: aluminum has the highest percentage of recycled material among all packaging materials and as a permanent material - unlike other materials - aluminium can be completely led back into the recycling cycle. The solvent free applied sealing layer on the bottom side of the aluminum foil
    enables sealing plastic containers of any kind by heat or induction sealing. The sealing material BaCo Seal Unicoat ECO 2.1 can protect reliably and with high resource efficiency cosmetics and many other products from external influences and from leaking.


    Hardbergstraße 11
    76437 Rastatt
    Phone: +49 7222 95150
    Fax: +49 7222 82479
    E-mail: sales@ballerstaedt.de
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