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    Airless Motion ® - bag-in-bottle System

    Airless container - perfect protection for sensitive formulations
    The multi-layer container consists of a rigid outer layer and a flexible integrated bag that contracts in use. In combination with an airless pump, the container can be almost completely emptied.
    This application is ideal for light and oxygen sensitive products as well as for formulations without preservatives.

    Advantages through variation
    All our Airless Motion products can be combined with a variety of dosing units:
    - horizontal or vertical outlet
    - Pumps for spraying or dripping and for lotions
    - Pumps with snap, crimp or screw connection
    - Push-button or trigger release

    Fields of application
    - a variety of possible barrier properties in the bag to protect against chemical, physical or microbiological contamination
    - most versatile decoration options
    - 360° application and high residual volume

    Gaplast GmbH

    Wurmansauer Straße 22
    82442 Saulgrub
    Phone: +49 8845 74130
    Fax: +49 8845 741346
    E-mail: info@gaplast.de
    Internet: www.gaplast.de
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