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    Absolute Serum

    A new star is born! The Global Anti Aging Serum 360° is the new, holistic formula against all signs of skin aging. It does nont only come with an intensive lifting and mositurizing effect, but above all contains an innovative bluelight filter: It protects the skin from the harmful emission of smartphones, computers and tablets, that cause premature skin aging! No chance for smartphone wrinkles with the new Global Anti Aging Serum 360 °! The Super Peptide Matrixyl Synthe 6 stimulates all major 6 components of the skin matrix and the
    dermal junction zone – for an intensive lifting and smoothing effect and 30% less wrinkle volume on the forehead. The all-in-one product is not only paraben-free and moisturizing through Pentavitin, but also works effectively against skin aging caused by the emission of electronic devices (which is by now known as smartphone wrinkles) – thanks to its innovative bluelight filter!

    inspira: cosmetics gmbh

    Hirzenrott 20
    52076 Aachen
    Phone: +49 2408 92795-0
    Fax: +49 2408 9279529
    Email: info@inspira-cosmetics.de

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