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    AB 1213-02

    Polpak Packaging offers several dozens of models of cosmetic packaging products, which notably include a variety of airless packaging solutions, one of the favourite categories of the cosmetics industry. The reasons for this include the versatility of airless packaging products, which reliably protect their valuable contents while being extremely user-friendly. As soon as an airless packaging is filled up, it is sealed tightly and it is virtually impossible for any contaminants to enter it and spoil the product inside. This year we can particularly recommend the slim and durable model AB 1213-02, a perfect packaging solution for premium cosmetics. The product is available in three different volumes (15mL, 30mL and 50mL) and any colour you wish. You can see it along with a number of other models at our stand at the Cosmetic Business trade show this year.

    POLPAK Sp.z o.o.

    Czarodzieja 16
    03-116 Warsaw
    Phone: +48 22 7523423
    Fax: +48 22 7523477
    Email: biuro@polpak.pl

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