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    Online Banner

    Use the following banners to show that you are participating in the trade fair.

    Place a banner of the CosmeticBusiness on your website or in your e-mails and inform your customers about your appearance at CosmeticBusiness. Please note our legal information. URL when using the banner: https://www.cosmetic-business.com/tradefair/en/

    Individual Banner with hall and stand number

    Individual Banner (468 x 60 Pixel)


    Your individual banner with hall and stand number for your website or e-mail signature.

    E-Mail signature

    CosmeticBusiness e-mail signature (520 x 100 Pixel)


    Download the banner and integrate it into your e-mails.

    Medium Rectangle (300 x 250 Pixel)


    Download Medium Rectangle (JPG, 89.3 kB)

    Social Media

    LinkedIn-Banner (1200 x 627 Pixel)


    We exhibit! (JPG, 334.6 kB)

    Legal Notices

    The downloading, storage and use/utilisation of the logos and names below is only permitted in compliance with the following:

    • Logos and names may only be used for the news reports of publishing houses and/or journalists, or
    • The user has been admitted, on a binding basis, as an exhibitor for a future trade fair/exhibition organised by Leipziger Messe at the time of download and storage, and during the period the logo/name is used.
    • The user uses the logo/name in its original form and without modifications (small deviations in colour during printing will be tolerated in isolated cases).
    • If the user is an exhibitor as outlined above, he may only use the logo/name in connection with information referring to his future participation in a trade fair/exhibition organised by Leipziger Messe.The logo/name may not be used for purposes other than those outlined above - and in particular may not be used to identify goods and services of other parties.

    Failure to comply with the above requirements will be prosecuted under civil law and - in the case of copyright violations - under criminal law.

    Imprint| Data protection © Leipziger Messe 2021. All rights reserved.