Sustainability Innovations in the Cosmetics Industry

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Conference Room K3

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Sustainability has become a key feature in the cosmetics industry. Many cosmetic and ingredient firms are investing in green initiatives to reduce their impacts, however sustainability can also be a source of innovation. This seminar gives an update on sustainability issues in the cosmetics industry, and highlights the various ways companies can innovate with sustainability in mind. The first part of the seminar shows the various ways cosmetic companies are embracing sustainability: from ethical sourcing of raw materials, green formulations, energy management, to sustainable packaging. The second part will highlight how cosmetic companies can innovate for sustainability. How is the sustainability trend leading to innovative cosmetic products? What sustainable ingredients are emerging for cosmetic formulations? How is sustainability leading to changes in product packaging? What new green ingredients and packaging materials are emerging? Some insights will be given on how green issues are evolving in the cosmetics industry as well as some predictions for future developments.


Iveta Kovacova
Ecovia Intelligence

Event Location

Conference Room K3

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