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    Sainsbury's plans a new strategy for beauty products

    10/19/18 | 8:00 AM time

    The supermarket chain is expanding its cosmetics range to include numerous iconic and premium brands

    The British company is taking the first steps towards completely modernising its cosmetics range. Sainsbury's has stated that it intends to offer customers a wider range of products in a practical supermarket environment. The initiative involves the introduction of new products, exclusive brands and partnerships.

    New offer with premium products

    As one of the first steps, eight Sainsbury's supermarkets will present a completely new product range in larger displays. Around 1,500 new products will be added to the range, including exclusive brands such as Mane & Tail, Burt's Bees, Essie, Korres and Dr PawPaw. Starting with two British branches, The Fragrance Shop will also offer premium fragrances at more retail locations in the future.

    Focus on Private Label Brands and Competent Advice

    Sainsbury's will reintroduce its private label brand "Boutique". The line is predominantly vegan and is aligned to current trends. 100 different products will be offered in around 300 retail shops and online. Furthermore, the company employs a specialist staff who advises customers on site. Should the changes prove successful, Sainsbury's will extend the concept to other markets.

    Source, photo: Sainsbury‘s

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