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    Growing popularity of dermocosmetics

    10/16/18 | 8:00 AM time

    Desire for preventive measures in skin care offers opportunities for dermocosmetics

    Consumers are increasingly interested in health and wellness. To this end, Euromonitor International examined the demand for beauty products with specific characteristics. The company concluded that new trends provide special opportunities for dermocosmetics and preventive products.

    Expectations on skin care products

    Consumers are looking for skin care products tailored to their personal skin type (33%). While 28% of consumers put great value on the products' functionality, 21% expect multiple benefits from their skin care product. 18% of consumers are looking for special formulas. In this context, there are above all opportunities for dermocosmetics, which draw on a pharmaceutical background and can offer considerable benefits, according to Euromonitor International.

    New product category development

    Competition in the dermocosmetics market is increasing and more and more focus is being placed on preventing skin damage and the skin's general well-being. Within this context, companies are developing numerous new product claims. The trend is particularly apparent in the anti-ageing field. Special products - such as products against hyperpigmentation, skin discolouration, rosacea or sun damage - are increasingly available. Demand for general skin cleansing products remains high.

    Extended use of microorganisms

    Prebiotic and probiotic ingredients are also becoming increasingly popular in dermocosmetics. Probiotic ingredients contain potent bacteria that help the body keep the skin healthy. Prebiotic additives support the growth of existing benign bacteria. Both ingredients have potential for dermocosmetics and related sectors such as hair and dental care.

    Source: Euromonitor International, photo: fotolia / puhhha

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