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    Future Consumer Trends

    10/12/18 | 8:00 AM time

    Mintel: These six key trends will influence the consumer landscape in the future

    Mintel, a market research firm, has identified six key trends that are expected to influence markets and companies in the coming years. The company predicts that the consumer landscape will change like never before starting in 2019. According to Mintel, this development will be influenced by topics such as privacy, individuality, well-being, comfort and connectivity.

    Total well-being and rethinking the use of plastics

    The first trend identified by the market research company is the pursuit of comprehensive well-being. Consumers are increasingly concerned about their health and expect companies to offer personalised, holistic products that are tailor-made for their specific needs. However, the focus lies not only on their own well-being. Consumers are also becoming more environmentally conscious and increasingly expect sustainable products and responsible use of plastics in the markets.

    New understanding of adulthood and the search for challenges

    The idea of what it means to be an adult has changed - and many consumers are living a new, unconventional lifestyle. This is an opportunity for products that make life easier for adults in this new age, says Mintel. Furthermore, consumers are becoming more adventurous. Driven by social media, consumers are increasingly willing to leave their comfort zone and dare to take on new challenges. However, Mintel warns of the potential drawbacks of online activities and advises companies to be cautious.

    Under observation and social isolation

    Due to social media, consumers have constant access to information about companies. Even if there are opportunities for customer loyalty, the wrong post can alienate many consumers. Social media strategies are becoming increasingly important in this context. Another disadvantage of the digital age is the growing social isolation. Increased digital interaction is reducing real-life contact. From this perspective, companies can score points by bringing consumers together again and helping them to detach themselves from the digital world.

    Source: Mintel, photo: fotolia / lev dolgachov

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