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    Cosmetics in Reusable Bottles

    3/25/21 | 9:00 AM time

    A Sea Me Soap Bottle Can Be Returned to the Standard Returnable Deposit Machines

    A new sustainability concept has been available on selected cosmetics shelves since January. In three German federal states, Sea Me, a young brand, is offering cosmetics, disinfectants and cleaning products in glass bottles at individual retail partners. According to the company, the bottles are special because they can be transformed into stylish decorations and are a "reusable innovation". After use, the bottles can be returned at the bottle deposit machine or at the check-out.

    Combating Plastic Waste in Oceans

    The brand name "Sea Me" doesn't just reflect the goal of reducing plastic waste in the seas and oceans. Sea minerals are also found in some of the formulations.

    The cosmetics and detergents are generally vegan, free of microplastics and free of parabens and silicones, states the company. Furthermore, no animal experiments were carried out during product development.

    In-House Development with Glassworks

    In terms of the packaging, the company, under the leadership of founder Lars Buck, said it believed that returnable bottles were ideally suited for other products in addition to beverages. All that was required was a bottle suitable for deposit machines, which at the same time fulfilled all of today's requirements in terms of functionality and design, Buck said, explaining the history of the brand's origins. Since conventional standard bottles were not appropriate for the planned project, the manufacturer teamed up with a German glassworks to develop its own bottle.

    According to the company, products are being developed for other categories and formulations. A natural cosmetics line reportedly is also planned.

    Source, photo: Sea Me

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