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    Unilever Sets Sights on Positive Beauty

    3/24/21 | 9:00 AM time

    The Group's First Step Is to Ban the Word "Normal" From Product Descriptions

    Unilever wants to abandon the term "normal" in the future marketing of its beauty and body care brands. This move comes as part of a new "Positive Beauty" strategy that the group announced at the beginning of March. The group aims to approach the concept of "beauty" as " fair", "inclusive" and "sustainable" as well as fight against discriminatory, excessively narrow ideals of what beauty should be.

    Don't Just Look Better, Feel Better

    According to Unilever, the decision to ban the word "normal" from product descriptions stems from a global survey it conducted, in which most respondents felt excluded by the use of the term. Another finding from the survey, which asked 10,000 people from nine different countries, was that consumers expect the cosmetics industry to make them not only look better but more importantly feel better. 74 per cent of respondents agreed with this statement.

    End to Discriminatory Representation in the Beauty Industry

    The new "Positive Beauty" strategy is designed to help end discriminatory attitudes in the beauty industry and instead promote inclusion, according to Unilever. The company also aims to break down gender stereotypes in advertising and build on brand programmes designed to challenge the status quo. Finally, the Group aims to improve health and wellbeing both by continuing its existing handwashing and oral hygiene awareness initiatives and by expanding its focus into new areas such as mental and physical wellbeing.

    Source, photo: Unilever

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