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    The Internet Is a Beauty Hotspot

    3/5/21 | 9:00 AM time

    Digital Users Offer a High Target Group Potential, That is Still Untapped

    Digital channels are playing an increasingly important role in body care and cosmetics. These were the finding from the German Association of Online Research (Agof) in its recently published report volume "Kosmetik". The market researchers found that the internet is now indeed a beauty hotspot. It opens up attractive customer potential in the field of "cosmetics & body care". According to the authors of the study, digital users are characterised by their broad use of relevant products. This is just as true for body, hair and dental care as it is for cleaning, care and decorative cosmetic products.

    Styling Finds Greater Prominence

    Individual styling is taking on a new significance in the digital age of self-expression, the report continues. Agof sees this as a positive trend for advertisers in the cosmetics industry. Digital channels can give consumers decisive impulses when it comes to orientation and decision-making, providing with them comprehensive information all the way up to the point of purchase. The market researchers note that both traditional and mobile internet offer diverse touchpoints which can be used to accompany potential customers along their customer journey and anchor your brand into their relevant set.

    Digital Communication Gains Significance

    In their report, the authors note the relative absence of digital advertising in the cosmetics industry's media mix, suggesting that the digital target groups' potential calls for greater use of digital communication and marketing.

    The body of the report goes on to take a closer look at these user potentials and examine the ways the internet can be used in the context of body care and cosmetics.

    Source: Agof, photo: Adobe Stock/ Africa Studio

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