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    Introducing New Cap Solutions for Cosmetics

    10/27/20 | 9:00 AM time

    Packaging Manufacturers Expand Design Range and Use Applications

    Cosmetics sector suppliers are increasingly focusing on consumer convenience and new designs with more differentiation at the Point of Sales.

    The Hamburg-based Lindal Group unveiled the new Teo spray cap. According to the manufacturer, the spray applicator is a mono-material solution, which is intended to provide a combination of matt and glossy surfaces to give it a modern, aesthetically pleasing appearance. Measuring 52 millimetres in diameter, it should fit on any spray can with the same dimensions as well as on 53-millimetre cans.

    Two Curves Transform Familiar Feeling

    The Japanese packaging manufacturer Takemoto has expanded its range of caps for luxury cosmetics. Takemoto's new EO-Cap II series features two curves to create an attractive look and feel. According to Takemoto, the new caps are available for bottles (e.g. for lotions) and jars (e.g. for creams) so they can be used in a full skincare range.

    2-in-1 Solution for Combination Products

    Coburg based HK Cosmetic Packaging has launched the new "Combi-Cap". This "2-in-1 solution" combines a screw-on applicator and a cap. Consumers can decide whether they want to twist the applicator onto a tube, for example, so that they can easily apply the contents. Or they can keep the applicator in the cap and have direct access to the product when they open it. In addition, a separate product can be stored inside the cap. According to the manufacturer, this concept can be used for a variety of cosmetics and skincare products. For example, a moisturising cream could be combined with a lip care product. The cap's standard 22/410 size means that it fits most tubes.

    Source: Lindal, Takemoto, HK Cosmetic, Photo: HK Cosmetic

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