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    Merz Invests in Men's Care

    10/23/20 | 9:00 AM time

    The Group Involves in the Hamburg Start-up Brooklyn Soap

    The Merz Group has invested in the Hamburg start-up company Brooklyn Soap. This strategic investment is designed to strengthen the Group's position in the so-called mass market.

    Brooklyn Soap is still a young company in the growing segment of men's care. The company claims that the start-up was created in 2012 in the founders' shared living room and has quickly become a "hipster beard brand". The creators were inspired by handmade care products they saw in Brooklyn flea markets. The young brand also follows a similar philosophy and is dedicated to products that are free of microplastics, parabens, silicones or foam boosters and do not involve animal testing, the company stated. The latter's products are now carried in around 5,000 stores in the German speaking region and reaches almost 30 countries via the brand's online store.

    First Ever Investment in Another Company

    Merz is now also entering the trendy market through its subsidiary Merz Consumer Care. The subsidiary says it has been able to capture several new market segments and is now one of the market leaders in various OTC/beauty segments. Now it is pursuing new directions and investing in other companies for the first time.

    "Brooklyn Soap identified the trend 'men's care, barbershops, sustainability' early on and successfully established themselves in the market," says CEO Frank Baldauf regarding the investment decision. Brooklyn Soap has also made the leap from e-commerce to the consumer market dominated by large corporations. This speaks volumes about the impressive product concept and a successful corporate strategy.

    Both Companies Will Remain Independent

    The companies also see the investment as a strategic, synergistic partnership for digital marketing, e-commerce and the male demographic. No direct impact on the operations and matters such as price and margin calculation is intended, explain the companies. Both companies will continue to operate independently in the market.

    Source, photo: Merz

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