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    Fully Recyclable PE Tube Solution

    10/15/20 | 9:00 AM time

    Plastic tubes are now single-material packaging thanks to polyethylene flip-top and screw caps

    According to the Switzerland-based packaging company, Hoffmann Neopac, it has launched the first fully recyclable polyethylene tube. This new solution uses high-density polyethylene (HDPE) to produce flip-top caps, which have, up to now, primarily been made from polypropylene (PP). Combined with a polyethylene (PE) neck and body, this now offers a mono-material tube packaging solution. These, according to the manufacturer, can be processed more efficiently in mechanical recycling plants than combination plastics, because they result in a single type of recycled material.

    Further Developments Planned

    In addition to flip-top caps, Hoffmann Neopac also produces PE screw caps. These are produced on-site and are available in diameters from 10-40 mm, states the company. They are also working on additional sustainable packaging solutions. Barrier tubes made from HDPE with PE caps are also said to be under development. The company also claims that the institute Cyclos-HTP, a certification body for the recyclability of packaging, has already given a positive assessment.

    The replacement of packaging made of combination plastics with mono-material solutions is regarded as a crucial step on the road to a sustainable recycling system. The aim is to keep materials in the recycling cycle as long as possible and reduce waste to a minimum.

    Source: Hoffmann Neopac, Photo: Adobe Stock / mellisandra

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