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    Simplification of Unilever's Corporate Structure

    6/24/20 | 9:00 AM time

    Unilever Establishes Umbrella Brand Unilever PLC

    Unilever is changing its legal structure. From now on the different departments will be organised under one umbrella brand, Unilever PLC. The aim of the new structure is greater flexibility in order to better prepare Unilever for the future.

    Two Heads Become One

    In these times of pandemic, it has become clear how important flexibility and simple company structures are. Through its restructuring from a two-person structure to a parent company, Unilever aims to reduce complexity and strengthen corporate management. In the future, there will be market capitalisation, classes of shares and a global liquidity centre.

    Merger of Unilever PLC and Unilever NV into Unilever PLC

    The Executive Board is convinced that the merger under one roof is the best possible solution for realising the company's goals in the future. The union will be achieved through a cross-border merger between Unilever PLC and Unilever NV. Unilever NV shareholders will receive one Unilever PLC share for each Unilever NV share. Unilever emphasises that this change will not affect the economic interests of shareholders. The Executive Board expects Unilever to retain both indexes, AEX and FTSE UK.

    No organisational/personnel changes in the Netherlands and the UK

    The new structure will not change Unilever's strong presence in the Netherlands and the UK. There will be no changes in measures, locations or staff. The manufacturing and delivery of Unilever products in the Netherlands and the UK is not affected by the merger.

    Source, photo: Unilever

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