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    Innovative Ingredients at CosmeticBusiness 2020

    6/18/20 | 9:00 AM time

    This year's trade fair features the latest developments in the field of active cosmetic ingredients

    Once again at this year's CosmeticBusiness, the exhibiting companies will present the most exciting new innovations in the industry. In the cosmetic ingredients sector, the number of innovations is particularly high. The trade fair will feature everything from plant-based O/W emulsifiers and new ingredients for use in natural cosmetic to well-ageing ingredients that improves not only your skin but also emotional well-being.

    MONTANOV™ 202: Bio-inspired emulsifier for visible improvement

    Perfect bio-compatibility for visibly improved skin: The French company Seppic aims to ensure a naturally beautiful complexion with the new O/W emulsifier MONTANOV™ 202, which will be presented at CosmeticBusiness. MONTANOV™ 202 forms emulsions which are rich in lamellar phases and lamellar bilayers and feature high stability. Seppic used an innovative ex-vivo method that reveals the organisation of the epidermidis lipids to research the effectiveness of these liquid crystals. MONTANOV™ 202 is a 100 per cent plant-based, Cosmos and Natrue certified O/W emulsifier. According to Seppic, it enables the formulation of ultra-white lotions and moisturisers with a light, soft feel and matte finish on skin.

    KANNABIA SENSE: Healing Effects of Hemp

    The Spanish research company Vytrus Biotech S.L. will demonstrate the healing effects of hemp and present KANNABIA SENSE at CosmeticBusiness. The active ingredient is derived from stem cells of Cannabis sativia and interacts with the microbiome. KANNABIA SENSE produces postbiotics which positively influence the neurochemical network of the skin by stimulating the cutaneous synthesis of oxytacin and dopamine. In vivo tests with a moisturiser (two per cent CANNABIA SENSE) revealed that the active ingredient activates the same brain areas as oxytocin. KANNABIA SENSE is predominately intended for applications in microbial protection, neuro-cosmetics, well-ageing, as well as for psychosensory and sensitive skin treatments.

    Solbrol® FFA Plus: 100 per cent natural ingredients

    LANXESS Distribution will present Solbrol® FFA Plus, a new ingredient that is perfect for use in natural cosmetics. Solbrol® FFA Plus features a blend of fruit acids and phenylpropanol with skin moisturising and anti-microbial properties. All ingredients are completely naturally sourced and GMO-free. As a synergist, Solbrol® FFA Plus is particularly effective against bacteria and fungi, and ensures reliable protection even in the case of hard to conserve formulations such as wet wipes.

    Wonderage™: Happiness as key to beauty

    Happiness is the key to beauty – a fact well known by the Spanish manufacturer of cosmetic ingredients Provital, which will be introducing Wonderage™, a well-ageing ingredient that improves not only your skin but also emotional well-being at CosmeticBusiness. The secret behind the success of Wonderage™ is the monk fruit. The gourd plant is native to the Guangxi valley in China, where the population has an above-average life expectancy. Scientists attribute this fact to the environment and a positive attitude towards life in the region.

    Source/ photo: Seppic, Vytrus Biotech S.L., LANXESS Distribution, Provital

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