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    Corona jeopardizes EU climate plans

    6/17/20 | 9:00 AM time

    German Environmental Award Winner Reinhard Schneider calls on the European economy to sticking to sustainable transformation

    The whole world is eagerly awaiting the end of the Corona crisis and wants to stabilise the economy as soon as possible. This raises the questions: What measures are necessary to achieve this and what can we learn from the crisis? Two positions in particular stand in opposition to each other on these questions.

    Studies show that consumers are increasingly developing the opinion that sustainability and modern consumption are not contradictory. Many recognise the opportunities offered by an ecologically oriented lifestyle - especially in times of crisis.

    European economy wants to postpone climate targets

    Even before Corona, a similar train of thought was being adopted at the EU level, in the context of the so-called Green Deal. The European Green Deal includes a blueprint of measures for a climate-neutral EU by 2050, outlining what investments are needed and how they can be financed, and explaining how a fair and inclusive transition can be achieved.

    However, numerous business organizations are now calling for government support, which includes the suspension and reduction of environmental standards. They want to rebuild their old structures as quickly as possible without disruption and are campaigning for a suspension of the Green Deal.

    Environmental award winner warns of consequences

    Reinhard Schneider, owner of Werner & Mertz and winner of the German Environmental Award, is vehemently opposing such a relapse into old structures. He stresses that turning away from the Green Deal would lead to a further polarisation of society. He argues in favour of sticking to environmental protection and the further development of ecological standards.

    Source, photo: Werner & Mertz GmbH

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