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    Innovative sun protection from nature

    6/16/20 | 9:00 AM time

    Symrise Develops Sustainable Ingredient for Sun Protection Cosmetics

    Increased consumer awareness of environmental issues is also affecting cosmetics manufacturers. Now, in summer, they are faced with the challenge of providing highly effective protection for the customer's skin and at the same time being environmentally friendly with their sun protection products. Moreover, sun protection should be waterproof and have a pleasant skin feel. Symrise is now meeting these challenges with the newly developed ingredient SymEffect™ Sun. This ingredient is 100% based on renewable raw materials from sustainable sources.

    Improved efficiency, higher well-being

    With SymEffectTM Sun, the company is taking a holistic approach: the ingredient comes from natural sources, increases the efficiency of the UV filters used and improves the stability of the formulation. It significantly improves water resistance. At the same time, the ingredient ensures a pleasant skin feel after application of the sunscreen product.

    Source, Photo: Symrise AG

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