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    A Roadmap in the Post-Corona Economy

    6/11/20 | 9:00 AM time

    The Corona crisis marks the beginning of a long economic renewal process. Three phases of renewal will help companies understand what they need to focus on in order to emerge from the crisis as winners.

    1. The Country Needs New Approaches

    The shutdown has taken everyone equally by surprise. This unprecedented situation calls into question the usefulness of previous experience. While there are many theories of how the crisis will evolve, they are of little use to companies. What is now needed more than anything else is the ability to make decisions, self-organisation and flexibility in every company. Previous courses of action cannot simply be restarted. It is necessary to find approaches that are appropriate for the new complexity triggered by a heightened awareness of global connections and dependencies.

    2. Whoever Is Faster Will Win

    In the "Now or never!" phase, complex self-confidence is crucial. It's about speed, inventiveness and vision. A crisis always leaves voids that must be filled. Those who have a vision will now be leading the way. Getting it done is better than getting it perfect - only those who are among the quickest to bring in their ideas to fruition will profit from the crisis.

    3. Manything Goes

    "Manything goes" - in this time of crisis, things are suddenly possible that were previously unimaginable. Structures that were previously carved in stone are being dismantled, prototypes are becoming the new normal at an unimaginable speed, and other protagonists whose creative and visionary qualities who previously barely played a role are being given a voice. Networking is becoming increasingly important - beyond hierarchical levels and subject areas, people who have suggestions for solutions are joining forces without hesitation.

    Source: Zukunftsinstitut, Photo: Adobe Stock/ Jenny Sturm

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