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    Increased Awareness of Weather Effects on Hair in Thailand

    6/4/20 | 9:00 AM time

    In Thailand the difference between the seasons is subtle. Nevertheless, summers tend to be hot and last summer's 43 degrees Celsius was the hottest over the last thirty years. According to research by marketing agency Mintel Group Ltd, this development is causing people in Thailand to become more aware of the effects of the weather on their hair. This increases the demand for hair products that are suited to the effects of high temperatures and in the best case scenario provide relief.

    Hair Care Products with Special Summer Benefits are becoming more and more Popular

    These developments offer companies a wide range of opportunities to achieve success with special summer products on the Thai market. Many companies have already recognised this trend. Shampoos with cooling properties, which promise a cooling sensation up to five degrees Celsius, are one example. Hair products with UV protection and special vitamins are another.

    UV Protection as Beauty Factor

    According to Mintel, in the past the feeling was that UV protection was a blemish on the beauty industry, however a change of attitude is taking place in Thailand. It is recommended that hats be worn more often and that direct sunlight be avoided when possible. In innovative marketing campaigns, companies are now emphasising the beautifying effects of products with UV protection and supplementing their beauty care with gleaming and lustrous properties - both in terms of ingredients and packaging.

    Quelle: Mintel Group Ltd, photo: Adobe Stock/ makistock

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