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    The Beauty Potential of Face Masks

    5/7/20 | 9:00 AM time

    Mintel reveals post-Covid-19 beauty opportunities that face masks could fuel

    According to Mintel, the beauty industry can expect micro-categories of colour cosmetics such as eyeshadow, eyeliners, mascara, and concealers to gradually rise, as consumers lean into the habit of wearing masks. The mask makeup trend holds potential to continue after the Covid-19 outbreak.

    Wearing masks as an everyday affair

    Consumers in Asia are pioneering face masks, and in this situation, the country is on familiar ground that has yet to fully reveal its potential. Asia – the North especially – is accustomed to donning surgical masks to fend off pollution, pollen or germs, as well as to protect from sneezes and coughs. In Japan, masks are a common sight, primarily for health reasons and allergies, as well as keeping the face warm during cold seasons.

    New beauty opportunities arising

    Identifying the change in consumer lifestyles and habits could actually drive new opportunities for the cosmetics industry. According to Mintel the Asian beauty industry has set numerous examples:

    For instance, Harbour City worked with seven global brands that were tenants in its Hong Kong mall to create looks that integrate masks into the makeup look. On the other hand, Kolmar Korea released sunscreen, cushion foundation, lipstick and powder that won’t easily come off with sweat and masks.

    It’s all about the eye

    Concluding Mintel reports there is potential for eye colour makeup to grow as consumers look to match their eye makeup to their mask as part of their overall look. Brands can create eye makeup looks for consumers to follow when they put on a mask.

    Source: Mintel, photo: Adobe Stock / Stehno89

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