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COPTIS offers performance software solutions for Cosmetic R&D laboratories
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COPTIS offers performance software solutions for Cosmetic R&D laboratories.

Our major product Coptis LAB, a PLM software for formulation development and global regulatory compliance, allows the cosmetics industry to efficiently manage development projects, reduce time to market, improve the quality and reliability of information and ensure product compliance with the regulations in effect.


Coptis Lab is effectively supported by high value-added databases:

  • Coptis Ing, THE REFERENCE DATABASE OF COSMETIC RAW MATERIALS, A unique tool for formulators to find and discover cosmetic raw materials. Coptis Ingredients lists and describes more than 16,000 cosmetic raw materials under about thirty headings essential for formulators and regulatory departments.
  • Coptis Reg, A GLOBAL COSMETIC REGULATORY DATABASE. With Coptis Reg, formulators have access to validated, detailed and continuously updated cosmetic regulatory data. Achieve complete compliance with current, real-time global regulations and stay competitive in an ever-changing market.
  • Coptis Tox, THE DATABASE TO ACCESS TOXICOLOGY INFORMATION, Access to toxicology information of more than 3,000 substances; Coptis Tox, a unique toxicology database can make it possible to organize the data in order to anticipate the safety of formulas from the initial steps of the product development process.



An R&D team empowered with the right technology is a game changer in the digital age.

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