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Olivatis®18 is a natural O/W emulsifier blend. It is suitable for various types of cosmetic base emulsions, both thin-bodied and more solid and buttery consistencies. Forms liquid crystal structures. Olivatis® 18 can be used in concentrations from 3.0 to 6.5 %, depending on the amount of oil, emulsifying up to 50 % of the amount of oil.

Olivatis®18 has excellent thickening properties which are only slightly affected by different oil concentrations. The emulsifying capacity is not affected by the presence of glycols, glycerol, alcohols, mineral and organic sunscreens, pigments, whiteners and alpha-hydroxy acids. The emulsifier is effective with oils of different types and polarity and can therefore be easily combined with all oils used in cosmetics. This Cosmos approved emulsifier is suitable for low process temperatures.

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