14 - 15 June 2023 in Munich CosmeticBusiness
INNOVATION ROUTE - Natura-Tec SeaRenew
A Produkt of: NCD Ingredients GmbH
Innovation Route

Natural, intensive Stimulation of hair growth and strength of hair shaft

Natura-Tec SeaRenew is a unique renewable hair growth active based on a microalgae extract combined with Sapote Oil. It proved to induce the cell proliferation of hair follicle fibroblasts, involved in hair growth regulation. Therefore, Natura Tea SeaRenew strongly promotes the natural growth of hair, strengthens the hair fibres and their health. In vivo tests impressively confirm this by showing hair density increase of 10% and reduction of hair loss by 42% after the test period. Natura-Tec SeaRenew is produced under the high standards of sustainability und active ingredients content.

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