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Libra and Lira Refillable Airless
Resulting from the synergy between technology, research, quality, and innovation, the new Induplast Packaging Group’ airless packaging solutions offer the convenience and safety of airless systems combined with the sustainability of refillable packaging.
The airless technology reduces the risk of external contamination (air, direct human contact, bacteria), while minimizing the use of preservatives and providing better protection for the formulas’ active ingredients. Moreover, it minimizes waste and allows for precise dosage – all ingredients that guarantees a versatile, safe, and effective packaging.
 The refillable variations of Libra and Lira adhere to the 3+1 Rs of sustainability: Recycle, Reduce, Reuse, and offer the added benefit of Refilling.
With nine capacities and three different diameters, both in standard and refillable versions, the wide range of Libra and Lira formats covers 15 to 200 ml, ensuring maximum versatility.

Libra and Lira are made of PP and PE.

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