14 - 15 June 2023 in Munich CosmeticBusiness
GREEN ROUTE - Biobased and recyclable packaging
A Produkt of: FKuR Kunststoff GmbH
Green Route

Join us in taking a strong position for more sustainability and a responsible use of finite resources: create packaging that offers more.

For your sustainable packaging, we offer you an unbeatable variety of bioplastics and recyclates. Biobased plastics conserve finite resources and help protect the climate because they are produced on the basis of renewable raw materials, e.g. sugar cane. As it grows, each plant binds CO2 through photosynthesis and stores the carbon in the form of biomass. As a result, each ton of Bio-PE we distribute stores about 3.09 tons of CO2 and sequesters carbon over the entire product life cycle. Products made from Bio-PE, in turn, can be returned to the material cycle via existing recycling systems and reused as recyclate to manufacture other products. This effectively reduces the production and use of new plastic; the material cycle is closed.

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