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Cosphaderm® Absolute
A Produkt of: Cosphatec GmbH
Cosphaderm® Absolute is a blend of three established humectant actives in optimally aligned concentrations. Using Cosphaderm® Absolute helps to hydrate the skin and improve the skin’s barrier function while reducing the water activity of a formulation. The lower the water activity of a formulation, the less antimicrobials
need to be used for preservation.The skin barrier enhancing effect of Cosphaderm® Absolute was demonstrated in a vehicle-controlled study with 14 volunteers
The antimicrobial effect of Cosphaderm® Absolute has been proven in numerous challenge tests. It can be excellently combined with other Cosphaderm® Multifunctionals, guaranteeing mild and skin-friendly, yet remarkably good antimicrobial protection for formulations.
The transparent liquid blend is NATRUE and COSMOS compliant.

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