05 - 06 June 2024 in Munich CosmeticBusiness
KAER – A sustainable haircare system
A Produkt of: Bakic Packaging GmbH
In the production of traditional liquid shampoos and conditioners, there are a lot of waste materials & leftover ingredients that are being discarded just like orange peels, flower extracts & much more. We’ve decided to give these materials a second life and create a sustainable haircare innovation concept made out of these ‘hand-me-downs’ – KAER! This power duo of a liquid conditioner in our signature 250ml Smoothie bottle & a solid shampoo in the shape of the Smoothie bottle is not only good for your hair but also good for the environment. When producing this light-weight Smoothie bottle we use 50% less plastic & less water, allowing us to use fewer resources, reduce our carbon footprint & the bottle can be reused endlessly! And when using a solid shampoo, you need approx. 6 times less product compared to a traditional liquid one. Our brand-new KAER system is a symbol of hope, showing that it is indeed possible to create products that are not only effective but also sustainable.


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