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A Produkt of: Xenoderm SRL

XenoMes is an innovative aesthetic medicine treatment consisting of a series of bio-stimulating formulations based on hyaluronic acid,mineral salts,trace elements and vitamins in order to promote collagen synthesis and deeply hydrate the skin,restoring its natural balance and guaranteeing it a youthful,healthy and smooth appearance.

Biorevitalization,also known as bio-lifting,is a non-invasive medical-aesthetic cure:it is a sort of non-surgical lifting which restores elasticity and tone to the skin tissues.

XenoMes combinations are formulated according to the problem to be treated,the area and the physical and health conditions of the specific patient.The safe and effective treatments combine the careful and meticulous expertise of a medical professional with an adequate selection of components and ingredients by the manufacturer Xenoderm.

XenoMes improves skin tone,hydration,brightness and firmness but also prevents aging,hair loss and fat accumulation in specific areas.

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