14 - 15 June 2023 in Munich CosmeticBusiness

QACS, The Challenge Test Lab provides contract laboratory testing services to the cosmetic and personal care industry. Key testing pillars evolve around Clinical Efficacy, Microbiology, Chemistry, Sensory Analysis & Molecular Biology. Cosmetic Testing includes Challenge, Patch, Safety Assessment, Restricted substances analysis, Clinical Efficacy, In Vitro studies, Stability, Packaging Compatibility, Skin Microbiome studies and others. The Lab is ISO 17025, GMP accredited and ISO 9001 certified.

What’s new:

Cosmetic Microbiome Studies-Microbiome Friendly and Microbiome Balance claim substantiation to support the maintenance of the beneficial skin microflora by using microbiological/molecular methods and clinical trials.

Clinical Efficacy Testing-Protocol variety, scientific know-how, advanced measuring equipment and expanded volunteer base to support cosmetic claims.

Molecular Microorganism Identification

Vegan Cosmetic Challenge Test



Ms. Klairi Tsitouri
QACS, The Challenge Test Laboratory - Quality Assurance and Control Systems