14 - 15 June 2023 in Munich CosmeticBusiness
KANNABIA SENSE PLF: The Microbiota Whisperer
A Produkt of: novoclon GmbH

KANNABIA SENSE PLF, signal lipids (SCFA) enriched in the oleosomes of the stem cells of Cannabis Sativa (THC-free), stimulates the formation of neurotransmitters in the skin cells and in the microbiota.

In-situ synthesis of beneficial postbiotics activates oxytocin through the connection of microbiota, skin and brain, thus having a positive influence on the negative state of mind and its signs (anger and marionette wrinkles) - for a better well-being and a radiantly beautiful complexion.

Numerous tests prove the effectiveness of the product:

- Increase in the level of oxytocin in keratinocytes & sensor neuron
- balancing of SCFA and reduction of stress on microbiota
- higher neuronal activity in brain areas of pleasure zone (Prefrontal Pleasure Center PCC) in fMRI
- Mood elevating effect
- Reduction of frown lines and marionette wrinkles
- Increasing the radiance of the skin
- Hyaluron booster effect

KANNABIA SENSE PLF is ECOCERT/COSMOS certified, vegan and unpreserved.

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