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MC-DDS Collagen Blast
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MC-DDS Collagen Blast, a novel strategy to decrease the total Vit A content

The reason for the widespread use of retinoids in cosmetic formulations is the complete anti-aging efficacy. For Vit A a hypervitaminosis A is possible, which, if it becomes chronic, can lead to serious health issues. The BFR recommends to restrict the use of Vit A in body care to a max. amount of 10% of the UL (BFR 005/2014).

MC Beauty-Science is now going to combine 2 strategies of “safer Vit A” by linking the innovations of our partners: The use of Indermals DDS encapsulation to reduce the total amount of Vit A in the formulation will be combined with the partial replacement of Vit A by Lipotrue's RENESEED ™, utilizing the proven synergy between Vitamin A and RENESEED ™. Compared to Retinol, RENESEED ™ is 4 times more potent in inducing Collagen and like Vit A it brings a great variety of valuable anti-aging activities besides Collagen I boosting.

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