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Recycling Lipbalm
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Recycling lip balm 4.8g:

-         Primary packaging (mechanics and cap) comprising 76% PP-PCR (post consumer recycling) from the yellow bag.

-         Secondary packaging (blister card) 100% made of recycled paper.


Where we stand on “truly” sustainable packaging:

-          NO to bio-based plastics (limited functionality and scope to recycle. No to all raw materials from scarce food and plants !).
-          NO to coated paper (limited functionality, difficult to recycle, very poor life cycle grading !).

 What do we hope to achieve with our recycling lip balms ?

-         Optimal product protection over the entire lifetime (2-3 years).

-         Flawless functionality.

-         Consistently high material quality.

-         Minimal CO2 footprint during production.

-         Monomaterial.

-         Reasonable price.

-         Ongoing availability.

-         Supporting circular recycling.


Mr. Florian Jung
Lipomaidsan Cosmetic GmbH


Lipomaidsan Cosmetic GmbH

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