14 - 15 June 2023 in Munich CosmeticBusiness
Nailcosmetics by Kulzer
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UV curing nail gel system “HeraGel”
Kulzer’s nail gel brings perfect product values to our customers: Easy to use, self levelling effect, no heat development in various viscosities. Our processes comply with the latest quality standards. Gels are available in different production depth from bulk to final products. We offer a wide range of standards or give the service to develop and manufacture nail cosmetics on individual customers demand.
Composite Gel “Patch'nTouch”
Patch'nTouch combines the advantages of powder/liquid system and UV curing gel. Wide range of colors are available.
No odor, no heat, very stable, very easy to create a perfect nail shape without filing – no modelling liquid necessary.
Acryl system “HeraCryl”
Powder/liquid system for creating nail extensions. HeraCryl ensure optimum swelling of the powder and thus good performance during modelling. All components are designed to be optimally compatible, to make modelling simple and to ensure best results.

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