14 - 15 June 2023 in Munich CosmeticBusiness

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MC Beauty Science GmbH

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INNOVATION ROUTE - Retinal encapsulated in vegan friendly delivery system for superior efficacy and easy formulation process
Presenting Vegan DDS (Deep Delivery System) Retinal, a novel system to tackle aging signs that require quick results. The encapsulation protects the retinal aga...
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INNOVATION ROUTE - Telessence, unveiling the ultimate range of actives for a complete wellbeing
Presenting, Telessence, three actives from three different technologies to tackle three types of stresses. - Telessence Telmeric™: turmeric peptide to combat En...
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MC-DDS Collagen Blast
MC-DDS Collagen Blast, a novel strategy to decrease the total Vit A content The reason for the widespread use of retinoids in cosmetic formulations is the compl...
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Ms. Dajana Semunovic
MC Beauty Science GmbH



MC Beauty Science GmbH

Wiesbadener Straße 73
65510 Idstein

Tel.: +49 6126 5841864

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