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Kurt Kitzing GmbH


For over 45 years Kurt Kitzing GmbH has been known as developer of high-quality fragrance compositions.


Founded in 1954 in Nördlingen, Germany, the company moved to Wallerstein, Germany, in 1983. Here the facilities were expanded through the purchase of already existing buildings leading to a more optimized production flow.

This medium-size business is managed by Wolfgang Kitzing and Erich Schmidt. The corporate policy as well as the corporate philosophy are based on quality, a high degree of creativity, expertise, scientific work and last but not least close customer relations and individualized service.

The safety of the products as well as a topical quality management mark our company's efficiency. And our company has made contributions to preserve nature and our environment as well.

In 1977 we were certified according to the Ecological Audit Regulations issued by the EU and joined the Bavarian Environmental Pact.

Our program comprises all fragrances and intended purposes.


We focus on the traditional development of fine perfumes as well as fragrances for cosmetics, detergents, fabric softeners, soaps, chemical-technical products and functional preparations.

The use of high-quality substances is very important to us: regardless whether synthetic or natural.

A certain specialization in the area of natural compositions opened a new field of activity for us.

These compositions consist exclusively of natural ingredients and are suitable for natural cosmetics, sauna infusions, and physiotherapeutic preparations.


For the development of our fragrance composition we use customized application technologies and generate individual creations. With developments adapted to the current zeitgeist our customers have the assurance to receive high-quality and efficient products.

The implementation of existing fragrance components into new applications are a challenge that we face on a permanent basis. In this area as well we are assisted by defined analytical technologies with headspace and extraction procedures in order to obtain an exact image for private label products.

Visit our homepage at www.kurtkitzing de and contact us!

We always have "our nose in the trend of fragrances" and the word "impossible" does not exist for us.

Kurt Kitzing GmbH
Hinterm Alten Schloß 21
D-86757 Wallerstein

Telephone: +49 (0)9081 / 275080
Telefax: +49 (0)9081 / 79200
Contact: Wolfgang Kitzing
Email: info@kurtkitzing.de
Website: www.kurtkitzing.de

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