14 - 15 June 2023 in Munich CosmeticBusiness
09/06/2022 CosmeticBusiness

CosmeticBusiness 2022 Exhibitor Testimonials

Harald Ballerstaedt, Managing Director, Ballerstaedt & Co. OHG: "We had a lot of interesting conversations and the quality of the visitors is excellent. Thank you to the CosmeticBusiness team for their superb organisational work."

Dr Ulrich Bernecker, Managing Director, Bernecker Cosmetics GmbH: "CosmeticBusiness isn't a mass event but has heart and soul. The visitors to our booth also had a very high level of engagement. All things considered, the quality and number of visitors were a perfect fit for us.”

Katharina Höhne, Managing Director, CARECOS Kosmetik GmbH: "Everything ran seamlessly from construction onwards. The quality of CosmeticBusiness is very high."

Jean Paul Corbeil, Managing Director, Corpack GmbH: "The quality of conversations we had was excellent. We are very satisfied with the outcome overall."

Mathis Korn, Senior Marketing Manager, Dermatest GmbH: "We had a lot of exciting conversations at our booth – from potential new clients to existing clients, it was a very good mix. Some of the questions were quite granular, which shows what an industry-specific event CosmeticBusiness is. We were perfectly well-prepared for this with a number of our scientists on site. We look forward to returning next year with a larger booth."

Jan Rudel, Head of Contract Manufacturing, dreiturm GmbH: "It's the mix that makes it so good. The mix of exhibitors from the ingredients, production, and packaging sectors makes the trade show especially attractive. The full spectrum of the industry is covered. CosmeticBusiness offers the opportunity to meet existing clients as well as giving us the chance to meet new clients in a familiar atmosphere."

Sebastian Eschke, Sales Director Germany, EdelmannGroup: "CosmeticBusiness is a top-quality and compact trade show with a high proportion of trade visitors. This was clear from the specific questions and topics we discussed at our booth which we will be following up in greater depth. The CosmeticBusiness concept, together with the trade show's location in Munich, is convincing for us. We love coming here and will be back next year."

Friederike Schäberle, Sales Assistant, Frapak GmbH: "CosmeticBusiness is a great place to meet and interact with clients. From purchasing to project management, we can meet the right contact people here. The trade show fully lived up to our expectations and we are already looking forward to the next CosmeticBusiness in 2023."

Frank Hahlbohm, Managing Director, Kurt Kitzing GmbH: "The trade show fully met our expectations. We had very pleasant and profitable conversations at our booth throughout the event."

Patrick Semadeni, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Logo-Plastic AG: "Everything worked beautifully, and we logged 15 per cent more conversations than in 2021. Overall, we are very satisfied with the outcome."

Kristina Usta, Sales & Product Manager, NCD Ingredients GmbH: "After the pandemic, the personal interaction with clients was of particular value for us, and CosmeticBusiness offers the perfect conditions for this. The mix of different manufacturers in the halls also worked out very well to ensure access to clients who otherwise might not have been aware of us."

Dr Thomas Gibtner, Managing Director, Neo Cos Service GmbH: "The quality of the conversations is very high, and they resulted in concrete plans for collaboration."

Markus Neumann, General Manager, Otto Cosmetic GmbH: "We can find what we're looking for at CosmeticBusiness – from raw materials to packaging, there is everything we need for our product range. The trade show offers a very nice focus and a certain intimacy that makes it very special."

Martin Schmuckli, Business Unit Manager Cosmetics, Permapack AG: "CosmeticBusiness is the only important exhibition for our business unit. We always like to come here to nurture client relationships, make new contacts, and present new products, such as our laminate PE tubes this year. This trade show has the perfect visitor structure for the German-speaking countries in Europe. We will continue to exhibit at CosmeticBusiness in the coming years."

Michael Pfeiffer, Managing Director, Pfeiffer Consulting GmbH: "We had interesting conversations with start-ups at our booth. They have fresh ideas and are an important part of our company portfolio. The trade show was very well-organised as always. We consider it an overall success."

Frank Bergmann, Managing Director and Partner, August Pohli GmbH: "For us, CosmeticBusiness is the most important trade show of all. We can meet our clients here and are able to make interesting new contacts offering good prospects for additional collaboration. The visitor structure is also a perfect fit for us. We look forward to coming back as an exhibitor again."

Tim Eaves, CEO, Quadpack: „CosmeticBusiness is very unique and the best trade show for the German market. We are exhibiting at CosmeticBusiness from the beginning. It is a very concentrated German trade show. We came here to meet existing clients and to show them our new products.”

Bettina Barlog, Senior Business Development Manager, Beauty Care, SEPPIC GmbH: "I like CosmeticBusiness because it represents the full spectrum from raw materials to manufacturing and packaging. It's a very relaxed trade show and an excellent venue for meeting clients and making new client contacts. We had very efficient, productive conversations at our booth. CosmeticBusiness is a fixed date in our calendars that we look forward to every year!"

Klemen Pipan, Director Packaging Division, SIBO Group: „CosmeticBusiness is the perfect place to meet our existing customers after the pandemic break. We are very satisfied, the trade show is especially for the DACH region.”

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Nicole Wege
Press Spokesperson
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