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27/04/2022 CosmeticBusiness

Naturalness Remains Top Topic

CosmeticBusiness 2022 Shows What You Need to Know About Ingredients and Manufacturing

At CosmeticBusiness 2022, exhibitors involved in ingredients and manufacturing will be particularly focusing on natural alternatives to conventional ingredients and the protection of resources. "Skin microbiomes" will also be a significant topic once again at this year's event.

Natural Products Provide Stability and Microbial Protection

Barentz is presenting new natural rheology modifiers and anti-microbial agents from Ashland. Natrathix bio cellulose can thicken and stabilise leave-on products, whereas Texturpure SA-1 is a kind of green carbomer for natural rinse-off systems. Sensiva go natural offers microbial protection in natural formulations across a wide pH range, the manufacturer says. In contrast to previous natural alternatives, the new ingredients are said to have better aesthetic properties, among other things.

Vegan and Natural Products to Combat Ageing and Stress

Retinal, a vegan DDS (deep delivery system) to combat signs of age, will be shown by MC Beauty Science on behalf of its partner InDermal. Retinal is produced in capsules to prevent it from prematurely degrading and to ensure maximum delivery. According to the manufacturer, a dosage of 5 per cent can increase levels of collagen by 87 per cent, elastin by 60 per cent and CRABP2 expression by 120 per cent.

First Microbiome Certification for a Make-Up Range

In cooperation with the information platform and certification body MyMicrobiome, natural cosmetics brand Annemarie Börlind says it has launched the first make-up range in the world to be certified as microbiome-friendly. When developing the new make-up textures, the company reports having paid close attention to the use of ingredients that are kind to your skin and its microbiomes in order to let the skin glow with its natural beauty.

Living Stones to Combat Tired Skin

Novoclon is presenting Nectaria Lithops, a stem cell active agent made by its partner Vitrus Biotech. It is extracted from the extremophile plant lithops pseudotruncatella (living stones). According to the supplier, the active agent can optimise the microbial environment of skin cells and stimulate vitamin D synthesis. This revitalises tired skin and makes it look fresh and healthy again.

More Beautiful Contours Thanks to Organic Blackberries

Provital is presenting its new active agent Sculpup at CosmeticBusiness. Sculpup aims to better define body contours without causing cellulite. The product's proadipogenic effect modulates 3,500 genes that are involved in determining the volume of connective tissue, the developers explain. For example, Sculpup reportedly can increase breast volume by up to 47 per cent. Sculpup is made using organic blackberries, is of 100 per cent natural origin, COSMOS certified and vegan.

Microbiome Protection

Sederma, a member of the Croda group, is presenting its biomimetic peptide BB-Biont, which protects the microbiome. According to the manufacturer, the product selectively slows down the growth of Cutibacterium acnes and breaks down its biofilm. This is designed to avoid inflammatory skin damage. At the same time, it protects the biodiversity of the microbiome and is effective in avoiding skin dysbiosis, the company says.

Powder with a Wow Effect

Technature has a powder in its portfolio that can be turned into a cream without using any water. It has a protective effect, and the manufacturer explains that it also has mattifying and moisturising properties. The formula can be adapted to different applications and it can be equipped with different active agents or colours. This means the company can offer a new care routine that it claims is not yet available on the market in this form.

The exhibitor directory gives a compact overview of the new products and innovations.

The CosmeticBusiness 2022 takes place on 1 and 2 June 2022 at the MOC in Munich. Tickets are available online via the ticket shop.

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