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    Sustainability will remain a trend in 2019

    1/8/19 | 8:00 AM time

    In the coming years the demand for sustainable products will grow, especially in the cosmetics industry

    The market research company Mintel has identified "sub-zero waste" as the trend that will mainly influence 2019. Consumers are more aware of the consequences of disposable packaging and attach even greater importance to sustainability when choosing their products.

    Innovative solutions are in demand

    In the future, consumers will look for ways to reduce their consumption of plastics as much as possible. Alarmed by natural disasters and dwindling natural water resources, consumers are seeking responsible manufacturers. Cosmetics companies, in particular, can score points here when they not only focus on sustainability in the final packaging but also present innovative solutions within their entire production chain, says Mintel.

    Environmental awareness is rising throughout Europe

    Mintel's predictions are also consistent with the results of the study commissioned by Pro Carton on European consumer packaging perception. The study shows that environmental protection and sustainability are gaining in importance throughout Europe. 69 % of those questioned said they recycled more waste last year. Moreover, almost half of those questioned sought out environmentally friendly products when shopping.

    Consumers demand sustainability from cosmetics companies

    Mintel predicts that companies that do not adapt to this trend may have to face a counter-movement in the future. The results of the consumer survey confirm this assumption: Every second consumer had already changed a product in the past due to environmental concerns regarding packaging. Additionally, 67 % of respondents felt that retailers and manufacturers were not doing enough to introduce more sustainable packaging.

    However, this movement also offers opportunities for particularly innovative companies. 77 % of respondents said they would pay more for a product if the packaging was less harmful to the environment.

    Source: Mintel, Pro Carton, photo: Robert Kneschke – stock.adobe.com

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