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    Easy to Open for Everyone

    11/15/21 | 9:00 AM time

    Olay's New Lid Aims to Make Beauty Products More Accessible to People With Disabilities

    Olay North America has introduced a new lid with flared wings that has been specially developed for people with physical disabilities. As the name suggests, the "Easy Open Lid" is designed to make it easier to open the lids on jars. The product name written on the side of the lid in strongly contrasting colours and a braille embossing on the top of the lid additionally help the consumer to identify the product.

    Target Group Covers 15 Per Cent of the World Population

    According to a study by the World Health Organisation, 15 per cent of the worldwide population live with a physical disability. These range from illnesses that affect fine motor skills to joint pain and poor sight. Olay feels these people are being ignored by the beauty industry, both in terms of representation and product choice. As a response to this, the company developed the Easy Open Lid in cooperation with people living with various disabilities and external experts.

    Prototype Is Available for Consumers and Beauty Companies

    Although the lid is currently still a limited edition prototype, Olay plans to use it for four products in the Regenerist range of moisturisers. At the moment the Easy Open Lid is exclusively available via the Olay website. This not only enables the manufacturer to make the design available to other companies, it also means consumers will receive the lid free of charge when purchasing one of the four Regenerist moisturising products.

    Source, photo: Procter & Gamble

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