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    New Ingredient for Prebiotic Formulations

    10/29/21 | 9:00 AM time

    Oats could become the trend ingredient thanks to its probiotic effect

    The market researchers at Mintel have identified a new trending ingredient for prebiotic formulations. Oats are a well-known natural ingredient for skincare. They are now being reevaluated as a prebiotic, according to Mintel.

    There is currently a growing interest in the topics of microbiome and pre- or probiotic skincare. According to Mintel, just under one in five US consumers has tried to improve their skin's microbiome by taking fewer showers or baths this year. And the demand for related skincare information and products also seems to be growing year by year in both western and eastern markets, according to the market researchers.

    Use of Oat Extract Is Increasing

    According to the analysts, oats are known to be a prebiotic that can support the growth of naturally occurring microorganisms. As an ingredient, they are said to be able to moisturise, soften, smooth and soothe the skin as well as strengthen the skin barrier. Oat extract (avena sativa kernel extract) is one of the most widely used active oat ingredients in the skincare market, they add. The use of oat extract is in fact increasing year by year. As an example, Mintel reports that 4.9 per cent of new pre/probiotic skincare products launched globally between September 2020 and August 2021 contain oat extract. The analysts add that this was almost triple the 1.7 per cent recorded between September 2017 and August 2018.

    Mintel estimates that consumers will stick to "traditional" ingredients for the time being during the pandemic. The fact that oats are considered a well-known, familiar ingredient may give an advantage to products that contain them.

    Source: Mintel, photo: Adobe Stock / Frederico di Campo

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