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    Generation Z Committed to Sustainability

    10/4/21 | 7:56 AM time

    Sustainability is a Significant Factor in Purchasing Decisions for Care Products

    Two in three members of Generation Z take sustainability into account when shopping. This is the result of a current survey carried out by the management consultants PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). The agency asked 18 to 25-year-olds about the relationship between who they voted for and the issues of environmental and climate protection. The consultants were able to draw a picture illustrating just to what extent the issue of sustainability determines consumer behaviour among members of the so-called "Generation Z".

    Product Choices Mainly Driven by Quality and Price

    Although 65 per cent of those surveyed said sustainability is a factor when shopping, when asked about the main factor in buying choices 41 per cent of respondents named quality and 35 per cent the price. Sustainability came in third place with just eight per cent. Sustainability is nevertheless a more significant factor than the brand, which was only important for 5 per cent of shoppers.

    When asked why they did not buy more sustainable products, 61 per cent gave price as the reason. In addition, one in three respondents felt that the range of sustainable options is too limited. A quarter of those surveyed said they didn't buy any or only very few sustainable products because they did not trust quality labels or companies' claims, PwC explains.

    Product Category Determines the Relevance of Sustainability

    According to the study, the importance of sustainability depends on the product category. It was significant for foods for three-quarters of respondents, whereas for cosmetics and body care products the results showed 67 per cent. When buying clothes, shoes and accessories the issue was pertinent for 64 per cent of those surveyed. Sustainability is slightly more important for women than for men across all product categories.

    The particular significance younger consumers attach to various aspects of sustainability also differs according to product category. Around half of Generation Z are especially concerned that manufacturers avoid testing cosmetics and care products on animals.

    Source: PwC, Photo: Unsplash, Kevin Laminto

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